The Timeless Travel

The Timeless Travel

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The four day long gala affair was coming to an end. The sound of "Dhaak" which had added to the glory and created a victorious atmosphere was about to go...The pomp, glamour and the glitz which had once decorated the streets. The lights which had frightened away the darkness was fading. The ladies of that locality were involved in their last "sindoor khela” for the year. The Goddess who had brought glory, strength and power was time to bid her a goodbye!!!!!

The purohit completed the last aarti of the year. The pandal which had stood tall in elegance and created such a bright and beautiful atmosphere... It was almost time to bring everything down. It was time to bid goodbye to the deity. The sound of conch could be heard for one last time and with a heavy heart and a burning soul....all he wished for was to stop time but alas! He was not that strong... He was teary eyed... With a face that was completely sunburn and eyes that seemed so helpless ,he looked at  the Goddess from outside the pandal ...was all this worth the efforts he and many others like him had put for days?  He was nothing more than a mere spectator. Thousands of questions crossed his mind with answers...yet left to be answered...He wished to see this crowd for a few more days ... He wished to turn over the hourglass and get some more time...He wanted some more time....the streets which were so crowded just the day before...seemed so deserted ... The bhel wala, the ice cream wala were busy packing their stuff because it was time for them to shift their location and go to some other place..

He stood in one corner trying to avoid the innumerable noises in his head and suddenly he was shaken by a heavy voice which said," Ei chotolok ta  idhar se hato.. Ab kahi aur jao.. Ye sab hatana padega!! Bhid mat badhao "

His eyes  were filled with tears ... He glanced back  at the pandal and the Goddess  for that one last time as he turned back and said  "Why did you make me like this? Why do I feel so small today?”

A drop of tear fell from his eye.... But for the poor chap, no one even noticed...he cursed his stars for making him fall weak when he didn't want to... He wanted to stand strong ... He didn't want to cry before such a lifeless deity.... He cursed them all for making him the way he was... Because he was... Indeed ... A balloon seller... And he waited for  Durga Pujas because  that was when his balloons sold maximum. He waited for that crowd where at least some would notice him and buy his balloons... And putting that air pump back in his pocket...his only "priced" possession...with trousers half torn he walked.... Walked probably saying “aaasche bochor abar hobe???”


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