The Final Chapter

The Final Chapter

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The stage had been set, the stool was in place, just below the fan where it is supposed to be. Rakesh taped the note at the wall just above his bed. It was a bit windy that day, a gush of wind blew right into his face through the open window. The glowing city of deadbeats no more eluded him. One last glance and he slammed the windows pane together. The main door was also moving to and fro with the wind slamming its right side against the wall, the sound was the only thing keeping this situation alive. Rakesh headed towards the door and latched it shut from inside. “It’s time”, said in his mind. The eternal father was calling him and he should be dressed appropriately for that grand situation. Rakesh headed towards the bathroom, it was time to purify himself, to wash away all the humanly imperfections, grudges and head out to the light for a new beginning away from all the chaos. Twisted the shower knob and down came the water on his bare body, Rakesh couldn’t muster any strength all of a sudden and collapsed on the bathroom tiles. Sat down with his head buried between his thighs. All he could think at this point was his childhood, the school field where he used to play football along with Hari Ramesh and Krishan, Harish kaka’s evening stall , the smell of bread and biscuits coming from the nearby bakery ,how he would croach in thamma’s lap and hug her tight and then go to sleep.

Thundering outside, it seemed it was going to rain today. Rakesh came out of the bathroom wiping his head. A white shirt and black pant, properly ironed was laid on the bed. Priya often used to say that he looked impeccable elegant in white shirt, maybe that’s why he choose it. Having put on the shoes, Rakesh was all set. The time had come, no more sufferings, no more disappointments, no more of those earthly woes, it was time to be free, it was time to rise above all this. He climbed on the stool, the rope dangling from the fan seemed like a hand calling out to him. The stool creaked a bit, Rakesh quickly took a deep breath and wrapped it around his neck. “

A breeze of air flew across his face through the crack of the ventilation shaft and blew away the note from the wall,

It said,

“Goodbye, see you on the other side”.

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