Ideal Tips To Fetch The Love Of Our Life Through The Virtual World

Ideal Tips To Fetch The Love Of Our Life Through The Virtual World

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To go in search of the love of our life sounds ridiculous, love is something that should happen on the go. It should be like a comet which strikes the earth accidentally. Time has changed with the revolution of technology on earth thereby changing every concept we followed on our traditional days.

 Gone are those days where we used to express our love, red roses bloomed during dusk with dew drop to our love getting down the knees. These days we send animated roses through electronic media and relish the romances virtually.

It didn’t mean that they are fake, maybe people in this generation would smirk and say the older tradition was a way too dramatic for them. The debate is never ending but the answer is love will be the same for any generation. Be it technology or time nothing can change the very nature of love because love is immortal.

    Since technology’s revolution has affected the change in the fashion and pattern of love now people prefer love through online applications. Once the marriage proposals were made online with the help of matrimony pages, now they have upgraded it to even more advance exclusively for dating. Dating applications are a way easy to hook up with a new partner because we get request or send request only to those we are interested in.

And another added credit is we have a wider range of people who are having the same idea so we do not have to waste our time in intimating them our intentions in our first conversation. So the first and foremost thing that we need to concentrate on is that how our profile will look like. The profile has to be presentable and attractive in so that at least people we are interested in should not decline our request.

    So the tips for making our dream date a better one will start from the scratch as in the profile which we gotta create should be alluring.

Character sketch prompts

    This will be basically the first approach as far as online dating is concerned. Because dating on earlier days will happen to a person we get to meet in an accident or we would have been friends before. At that time we will never have an idea that the particular person will be the one whom we would get a chance to date or be our love our life. When it comes to dating application our major intention is to get connected to someone whom we go out for a long drive, candle light dinner or even travel throughout in the journey of our life.

Profile picture: This is basically the first step. Hardly a few people would give the least preference to looks apart from those the other majority party who get attracted with how stunning we look in our profile picture. So we need upload those pictures which were taken recently and here is another hint we need upload at least three pictures so that the viewer might get a clear picture of how we would actually look. It’s also another reason we look different from different angles so three pictures will be a rationalizing number.

Don’t be too formal: The profile must be a kind of frenzy, cool and nifty rather than being too formal. We are not sending an application to a Multi National Company; it’s something that must make the opposite gender to give a blow to their mind as a very first impression. So better to update things which are real and authentic, at the same time a little more impressive. And in the description column, it would be better to bring some quotes which could describe you in a witty way. This is again a note which determines ten percent of your character for the person who reads it.

The profile totally:  After which comes the post and other stuff you share. If the person gets impressed with you over your profile pictures and your recent blogs then they surely will stalk the recent posts you have shared. Just to make out or judge another twenty percent of your character as an assumption. So if the posts shared are sane and legit it would be easier for get better approaches.

Once you’re connected

    Somehow you found the right one and almost the person has accepted your friend request so now you will have to get to the next stage. To get into it you need to know a few rules and limitations. You should keep a few things in your mind because the flaws you make might reflect back. The conversation should be regular but not annoying. Some of the tips to maintain a smooth conversation at the beginning of the relationship are

  • Be confident all the time. And the prompt says just confident, not overconfident. Because nobody would like to stay in touch with someone who is too confident and boastful about themselves. So cut the pride feeling and stay down to earth even if you’re explaining the biggest achievements of your life.
  • Interact more and get to know about each of interests over music, movies and other common things. Because it’s basically that we would talk about these topics at the beginning and if we get to have the same taste in music and common interest is well and good. If it’s not going to coincide with your taste then fine even that’s not gonna make the other person hate you. You still can keep it go smoothly. Provided you shouldn’t mock them if they have different opinions and other concerns.
  • Never tell them at any point like “the last message was not from me”, “My friend had my phone so long”, or the profile description was just to impress people. You show them that you’re genuine then you’ll have been the same way. Once you talk and behave as if you’re a jerk, seriously it would be like you have cheated her all through.
  • Don’t flirt all the time, it’s a direct sign that you’re hitting on her. And also it becomes boring to a point and it will be taken for granted either. Talk only the truth; avoid white lies like flattering the person for something that they really don’t deserve. It will get clear that you are lying at some point and it’s hard to handle that situation.

This is how an ideal first meet up would be

  • First and foremost thing we need be keen about what is the location. The first meeting should be in such a way that you take ample time to look into their eyes and talk. Places like bars, clubs, and theaters wouldn’t favor us. Restaurants, hotels are ideals places to speak out. And being the first time we would take some more time to get comfortable with each other. So if it’s gotta be places like these then it would be easier bring us to the comfort zone.
  • Again comes the same point, for a guy the show would flop if they gotta exaggerate on things and for girls, if you’ve been a drama queen it’s better that you pack the melodrama stuff for some other time and stay realistic.
  • Don’t go completely with the other person's sense of dressing. Dress up with your own style but choose between those attires which would make your girl/guy get massively impressed.

About the Author:

Anand Rajendran is the CEO and Co-Founder of ZoPlay, a web design and mobile app development company located in India. Datingo is the latest dating app created by his company with tinder clone scripts that allows the users to find their matches who have common interests.


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