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Gateway To Mumbai & Goa From New Delhi By Road
Gateway To Mumbai & Goa From New Delhi By Road

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I love to write my experiences for the vacations I go on. So now, I am writing about my experience of my Latest Road Trip to “Mumbai and Goa”. I was inspired by my colleague Ashish Kumar to go on a road trip to Goa. I asked my father for the same, and he asked if I will drive for long, he has no issues. I readily accepted the offer as I love driving.

Before going for any vacation, I do lots of R&D regarding the place, and various routes to get there. I normally surf Google Maps, Trip Advisor for the same. They give good reviews and an idea regarding the places. This time, I knew the vacation would be around 12 days long and thus, the preparation was done according to the same.


National Highway New Delhi to Mumbai.


As we were too excited for the trip, we started off from Indirapuram at 3 am so that we could cover most of the distance on day one itself. First day’s target was Vadodra. We took NH 8/ NH 79/ NH 76 to reach Mumbai via Delhi-Jaipur- Kishangarh- Chittorgarh- Udaipur- Ahemdabad- Vadodra-Surat- Mumbai.

From New Delhi to Jaipur, stay on NH 8. After Jaipur, take a left turn, towards Kishangarh on NH79, for a better highway. As Ajmer-Udaipur highway is a single lane highway and lot of construction work was going on there. We had earlier used the same when we were going to Udaipur last year. From Kishangarh to Udaipur, it is NH79, and NH 76. It is a better route to go to Ahemdabad. Having so much experience of roads in India, I can say that the best highway to drive is the one where speed never gets below 80 Km/hr. This highway gives a scenic view of Aravali hills when in Rajasthan, Western Ghats when in Gujarat and Hills experience when approaching Mumbai. Since, the time was of February, we were in woolen clothes till Gujarat.

There was no Fog on Day one. We were happy for the same as we reached Bharuch on Day one and Mumbai was just 350 Kms away. We took a halt there for 5 hours after having an awesome Gujarati dinner.



Next day was a pretty beautiful but when we had woken up it was damn foggy. Nothing was visible, so we chose to start after an hour. Finally, we started at 6 am in the morning in order to reach Mumbai by 10 am. Fog was a little dense so it was a bit difficult to drive and it was too cold. After Surat, no fog was there and we finally took a sigh of relief. And as we approached Mumbai, we started feeling like we had come in summers. We entered Mumbai during peak office hours and got a jam packed road from Dahisar to Bandra.

Bandra Worli Sea Link Side View



Since we had booked a hotel Near CST, our target was to reach CST first and by asking people, we were able to get there in 2 hours. We took the Bandra – Worli Sea link route and enjoyed it. I found Mumbai a little different from the other cities I had seen. Roads are not much wide but still it was different as it has been made out of seven islands and is called Mumbai. I was amazed to see CST, it was so nice. Had always seen on TV and in movies, but when seen in real, it gives you an amazing feel. Such a huge building and I was staying just behind it in the Ballard Estate area. We had not planned it but even then we got the time to explore Mumbai on Day 2 itself.

As it is said, to start new thing take Bappa’s name. So we started off with “Siddhivinayak Temple”

Since my childhood days, I have always wished to be at Bappa’s Place. It was so beautiful view and we were lucky as there was hardly a queue. Then, we thought of travelling in BEST bus, so we boarded a bus from Dadar to Juhu. I myself had never been on a DTC after my college but tried the BEST bus. Since, Mumbai roads are not wider, therefore, on bus routes everybody is behind them, and I found that the traffic patience is a lot more in Mumbaikars. The main motive behind our Juhu Beach trip was the Mumbai food. And as per the plans, I tried most of them. Pav Bhaji, Sev Puri, Bhel Puri, Vada Pav, everything, and by the time it was dark, my throat infection had increased. From Juhu to CST, we all enjoyed Mumbai at night. It looks so beautiful in night. Calm Breeze and the night view makes your day.



Adlabs Imagica- Mumbai


The main reason for my stay in Mumbai was India’s First Adventure Theme park “Adlabs Imagica”. It is a place where anybody can enjoy to the fullest. It is situated near Mumbai on ( Mumbai- Pune Highway). Just 1.5 hours journey from Mumbai. I can never forget this day. It was full of adventure, excitement, thrill and fun. We went on a Tuesday, so it was happy Tuesday and the tickets were at a discounted price worth Rs. 1000/- and it was full paisa vasool. I had already googled a lot about imagica, So, I wanted to enjoy most of the rides. I am putting here my experience of rides I did and which I didn’t go on.

NITRO RIDE: I dint have the courage to go there. As it is the most difficult and dangerous ride in Imagica. It’s a roller Coaster ride where train runs at 160 km/hr speed and I had seen on the news once that the ride had broken down hurting two people.


SCREAMER: Purposely, I had thought I will not go for this as well. As it goes 180 Degree high in sky and could have spoiled my fun.


D2: I went first for this one and it was a thrilling experience. Totally, Hydraulic machinery experience. You sit and go on a great height in a few seconds. I felt like I was gone and when it settled, only then I realized that I was, indeed, alive.


GOLD RUSH: It is also a roller coaster ride which runs at 160 km/hr speed and falls from 66 ft height. While sitting in it, I wondered if I’ll be alive after this. It was so thrilling.

After seeing dangerous rides, we thought of keeping it simple and then we went to themes and other rides.


TUBBY TAKE OFF: It’s a fun ride and it doesn’t have speed. But it gives goose bumps when you are up in the air. Control is in your hand how much high you wish to go. A good ride.


SALIMGARH FORT: This theme was based on the horror stuff. You sit on a train and it goes in the FORT and you could see ghosts, horror stuff. I was not terrified by it at all. And in the end, it makes you fall down that was only some excitement.


ALIBABA CHALIS CHOR: This theme was for the Video game lovers. As in this we sit in a car and it goes around the places and you have to kill various thieves, dacoits etc. with a laser gun and you have to score well.


I FOR INDIA: For me, it was best theme in Imagica. Since I love travelling, it gave me some amazing views of the places famous in India (Kashmir to Kanya Kumari). Every place has been captured so beautifully. It is like a flying experience in a helicopter whose speed we have to choose (10-20-30 km/hr).  I chose 20 km/hr and enjoyed fully. All 3D effects and every view makes it perfect.


MR INDIA: It’s a sequel to the movie “MR. INDIA” where the characters ask us to help them save from Mogambo. It was again an indoor Roller Coaster ride. We sat on a car and then we all have to face challenges of Magambo and it moves in Imagica only through 3D effect. Must theme visit.


PRINCE OF DARK WATERS: It was a simple movie displayed on the screen with 3 D effects.


BOW WOW DETECTIVE: A simple stage play by the artists where the artists use the people sitting there and make you laugh a lot. A good place to relax.


BUMP IT BOATS: A cool and simple boat ride. You bump your boat in other peoples’ boats and throw water on them with the gun provided.


WRATH OF GOD: Again a live act by artists, and in the end you have to face the Wrath of God. Water, air and fire comes from different places.


There was waiting for all the rides as expected. Food Quality was not great but it was fine. It was overpriced.


We had not gone for a few more rides there like “Rajasursus, Deep Space Ride & Save the pirates.”


After completing all the rides, we roamed in the area and clicked pics with the cartoon characters there and it was so beautifully made. It looked like Disney Land. At evening, there was a closing parade. At night, Imagica looks extremely beautiful with all palaces glittering with lights.

We left Imagica at 8 pm, and it felt amazing. While returning back, we were still in the rides mode and were feeling the same in the car.



Marine Drive – Mumbai


To make our trip less hectic, we planned an extra day in Mumbai. So, that we could chill and relax for our next destination drive i.e. Goa. On this last day, we planned to explore three places in Mumbai: Elephanta Caves, Gateway of India and Marine Drive. We took the 9 am Ferry from Gateway of India to reach the Elephanta caves in the morning itself in order to avoid sun. It is a ride on sea of about 1.5 hours and you can see the Naval Base and Oil Exploration on the way. From the place where ferry leaves you, it’s a walk of about 15 minutes to reach, after boarding the Toy Train. Elephanta caves are ancient caves on an island which is away from Mumbai. They are nice and give good views of all the Gods.

After Elephanta caves, we came back from the same ferry and spent some time at Gateway of India. It is a nice & huge building and I liked it. Mumbai is hot but the breeze makes it kewl.

From Gateway we went to Haji Ali Dargarh. It is a beautiful dargah in Sea made of white

marble. It was very humid near it. I was literally sweating there. Finally from there, we went to

my Favourite place in Mumbai i.e. Marine Drive. I spent 5 hours there sitting and enjoying view

of sea and road. It was a bliss. Must place in tourist spots of Mumbai.

In mumbai, We travelled through taxi only. Since it’s the largest City in India and we also not

habitual to the routes and traffic signals were super confusing. So Taxi Zindabad. Only Imagica

we went by own Car.


National Highway- 4 ( Mumbai – Banglore)


Mumbai Exploration was completed and it was the time for GOA. We moved to our next

destination GOA. We took NH- 4 to reach Goa. Route taken was Mumbai- Pune- Kohlapur-

Belgaum- Goa. Roads are again Super Amazing. Best is Mumbai- Pune expressway. Just like

Agra Delhi Expressway. This highway gives beautiful sceneric views of Western Ghats. After

Pune, the roads are good but have few diversions as the construction is going on. And like Delhi-

Mumbai, It is also part of Golden Quadilateral Connecting 4 metro cities Delhi- Mumbai-

Chennai- Kolkata. I had studied this when I was in Class 10th. Never thought I will drive on the

same as well that time.

Roads after entering Belgaum till Goa was not in good condition and it was complete forest areas

of hills. When we entered Goa territory, Roads were amazing again. We reached Goa by 9.30

pm. It was night and Goa was looking beautiful in night. I had amazing south Indian food at

night. Loved it Completely. We resided in an apartment near Calungute Beach. Apartment was

awesome and gives home like feel.

In between, we tasted Fresh Strawberries near kohlapur. We got them fresh from their orchids

itself. We went for the oranges as well. Maharashtra is famous for these two fruits most.

In long drives, we take extra fruits with us and this make us feel light and gives instant energy.


Goa Exploration started. Firstly we went for Vagator Beach. It was such a beautiful beach. I

loved the sceneric view and crystal clear blue water. Initially I was not going in Sea but then we

decided to go and have fun inside the water. It was cold and waves were making us feel so good.

Beautiful Vagator Beach- GOA

My first Sea Bath it was and most memorable one. On the beaches, anybody can spend hours

doing masti and relaxing while watching the water and people around. After hours we went back

to have shower in the apartment. Later in evening, we went to the Baga Beach to see Sunset

view. Baga beach was again beautiful and at every beach Sand is of different colour and that

makes each beach different.

Sunset Baga Beach- GOA


We shopped from Goa as well. We bought dress there and also my favourite “ Kaju Chocolate”

It was really tasty and Goa deals high in Cashews. Every shop sells Cashew and Kaju Fenny.


We planned to explore South Goa this time, South Goa is around 90 kms from North Goa and

took us 2.5 hours to reach most amazing beach of South Goa “ Palelom Beach”.

The route which is taken to reach North to south goa is NH 17 which is Mumbai- Kochi route. It

is altogether different to drive on it as it is single laned and it gives view of Coconut Trees, hills

and other stuff. Kerala was just 600 kms from Goa.

Palelom Beach- South Goa


First view of Palelom beach gives you a view of Bali, Indonesia. Full of Coconut Trees,

Mountains in between sea and Blue water. There were few people there as it is less explored.

Again we started enjoying in the Sea, we went there to do so.

After enjoying there, we again left for North Goa, and came to “ Candolim Beach”. I loved this

beach a lot. The waves were high here and crowd was almost double from other beaches. Sea

Bath was must for us and this time we took our Mom as well inside.

While returning from Candolim, our Car got stuck in sand. But thanks to some Kerala guys who

came there for vacation. They helped us and got our car out of it.

Finally we went to Calungute Beach which was most near to us but we went there late and saw

only sunset and since it was Saturday Night. So crowd was high on the beaches.


This time we thought to explore North Goa more. So we decided to go to the “ Arambol Beach”.

This beach was beauty in its own and it is more famous for the “ Sweet Water lake” near it.

We first went to the lake which was 2.5 kms from beach and it took us long to reach there and

then we spent amazing time in lake. It was not much deep and I could enjoy it most. Beautiful

Lake and Views are superb.

Arambol Sweet Water Lake- Goa


Arambol beach is also less crowded and mostly foreign Tourists can be spotted there. It also has

different rock view and trees view.

From there, we thought to go to the “ Chapora Fort” where movie “ Dil Chahtha hai” was

shotted. It was a nice fort. Lastly, we went to Anjuna Beach for the sunset view.

Anjuna beach at some areas look like Marine Drive area of Mumbai. Different once again from

other beaches.

There are many beaches in Goa. I could go to 7 only and has left others for next visit. Had not

tried water sports as I am a bit afraid of water.

Tips for exploring Goa:

Always carry Sunscreen with you. – I had not and I am tanned now.

Hat or Cap is must as Sun is high and can cause head ache.

Google a lot before going so that you can explore more beaches and what makes beach more



Goa exploration was completed. We left Goa early morning at 6 am to reach our next destination

“ Shirdi”. We took different route this time to save time. Goa- Sawantwadi- Kohlapur- Pune.

We saved 2 hours by going this way. Sawantwadi is a hill station of Maharashtra and roads were

average there. While coming back we got a call from Dad’s Office of Meeting on Wednessday.

So we had to cut our plans of Shirdi and Ujjain.

We took a turn to Mumbai from Pune instead of going to Shirdi. Crossed Mumbai in 2 hours and

was back on Highway around 5.30 pm. Stuck in the Jam on Western express highway near

Dahisar as well. Finally started our Journey back to New delhi. Our target was Vadodra by 11

pm. When we crossed Dahisar we saw a board stating “ New Delhi- 1416 kms”. We all were like

we will do it for sure. Lets Start and do it. “ Ab Dilli Door nahi”.

We Reached on time to vadodra and took a halt of 5 hours. After that again started back to New


DAY 10

We were in car for complete Day. From vadodra to New Delhi. Route was same. When we

reached Jaipur, I felt I am at home. Jaipur I had seen so many times and mostly every year I drive

there. But after Jaipur, Delhi- Jaipur highway is a mess due to Construction and irritating Truck

drivers. It took us 5.30 hours to reach New delhi from there. In the whole journey, we never felt

tired for a nything but this last stretch was way nuisance. Earlier in the start, we passed this

stretch early morning and reached Jaipur in just 3.5 Hours.

When I entered New Delhi, I was so happy. Home Sweet home. Wherever I go, but I love Delhi

the most. It is so good and again winters are back. I am again in sweaters. I love winters a lot.

In the whole trip, I explored so many new places and states. Like Gujurat, Maharastra ,

Karnataka. Every State speaks different culture and values and Sign Boards say all. I found

Gujrat most developed in terms of roads. Rajasthan also have good roads now. I am travelling

Rajasthan from Childhood and can say it is improving day by day. Maharsatra was also good and

different from other. Anytime Ghats can come while driving in Maharsatra.

Udaipur to Ahemdabad route is awesome. It is hilly and gives you feel of hills sometimes. Most

important thing I noticed, Truck Driver are most disciplined in Gujrat and maharastra. They

Don’t drive like they do in north india. I hadnot seen Single Policemen in Gujrat for traffic.

Ahemdabad- Vadodra Highway is super expressway. Just an hour and you are in vadodra. But

people in Gujurat drive very bad. They keep on pressing horns and dipper at night to make way

for them even when there is no room. This was irritating.

If I have to comment on basic Necessities, Gujrat doesn’t provide good Toilets at all on

highways. Since it’s a must I thought to leave a comment on it as well.

Ofcourse Tolls are high in the whole route. One journey can make you pay Rs 2000 on tolls on

one side only. But if roads are awesome then we don’t mind paying it. Atleast car doesnot get

damaged and proper speed can be maintained which is a must to cover distance of 2000 kms one


Over all, food quality was good everywhere. Be it any state, we chose simple food and tasted

delicacies of the states as well which were vegetarian. Goa is famous for Non – Veggie but we

had not tried.

In Goa, Everybody should try to live in Apartments, they are more spacious and comfortable and

comes under good budget.

In this trip, I also drive a lot on long stretches. Usually Dad don’t give me car as I am a slow

driver and don’t go up beyond 90 Km/hr. But this time I got the chance to drive and enjoyed it so

much. Dad has to give me car because he got tired many times. And I got an amazing experience

of driving on highways.

I tried my best to write whole trip experience in one go. Hope something is worth reading of

those who wants to plan this kinda trip soon in future.

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