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The Test
The Test

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The entire room went inaudible and David’s parents looked abnormally perplexed. David had beads of sweat trickling down his face; he crumpled the paper with one hand and, had his fingers crossed with the other. He was anxiously wondering how to get out of this terrible situation that his giant, chicken-counting ego had got him into.


The class had no sign head imploding, window cracking, wall scratching, pigeon dying, table breaking catastrophes and everyone weren’t blindly staring at an upside-down science journal. Instead, everyone was engrossed in ‘Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity’ and the seriousness was so thick you could cut it with a butter knife.

        Everyone was troubled about the big Science test tomorrow, everyone except David. David was a so called genius who had never studied for a test ever before. David often ganged up against the people who were on or slightly below the average IQ level. His favourite punching bag was a mentally-challenged kid named Joseph.

David entered the class after his meander through the corridors and mocked the entire classroom, “ha! You’re all studying for that easy test. Ha!”

“Well look who it is Mr.Know-it-all”, said Andrew, a straight-A student who never lost his thirst for hunger, “ I am sorry but we’re all not ‘Geniuses’ like you!”

 The entire class burst into laughter. There were groups of kids all pointing and chuckling and giggling and murmuring amongst themselves. This was a rare opportunity when they could laugh at David so they cherished the moment to the fullest.

However, david was not at all happy.

He was clenching his fists, his veins throbbing and his eyes full of anger. He had never been embarrassed like that before, let alone in front of everyone.

He ran up to Andrew and pulled him up from the collar and threatened. “ Tomorrow. Tomorrow we’ll see”

Saying that he stormed out of the class.



The examiner came and passed around papers around the class first thing in the morning.

As soon as they had received the tests a dozen pencils began to race through implementing ‘ Maxwell’s equations ’.


However, David didn’t have his eyes on his paper. He kept thinking about how he would embarrass Andrew when he gets more marks than him.

Time flew by and David’s imagination raged. In a few short hours the examiner began to collect the papers and DAVID HADN’T WRITTEN A WORD.


Moral: don’t count your chickens before they hatch.


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