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A Fighter Who Won Over Himself
A Fighter Who Won Over Himself

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Bryan was an enthusiast who loved life and possessed the spirit to live it king size. In 2009, he completed his bachelor’s degree from Concordia University Irvine in Political Science. Passionate Bryan Fazio now wanted a glorious career that would span for years and so he chose to join the Navy. While on training, he went for a general check up to the clinic. He felt difficulty in breathing and thought it to be some general respiratory disorder.

However, medical reports had something else to disclose. After close observation, doctors revealed that he had a 15 cm long tumour in his chest. They diagnosed it as Hodgkin’s lymphoma that had already reached Stage 2. Hodgkin’s lymphoma affects the immune system and is an aggressive form of cancer in which the patient only has a 15% survival chance.

After knowing this, Bryan was in the midst of sudden emptiness and felt completely shattered. He decided to FIGHT..fight the battle. He underwent radiation, then six turns of chemotherapy and even two bone marrow transplants! But his disease kept attacking back, and spreading more than before. No medical help was working and Bryan had to accept the cruel reality and accept his fate. He had to let go his dream of having a wonderful lifelong career in the Navy. 

Bryan accepted the curve balls life had thrown at him and decided to balance his life and make it extra meaningful, momentous and significant. He decided not to live like a helpless cancer victim but focussed on attaining a higher degree. In the year 2011, he enrolled himself for an advance course of Masters of Business Administration. He joined Brandman University, finished his course and left a great message to his parents and friends. This brave message was most importantly for the audacious cancer that had tried to suppress him down and beg for life. But Bryan Fazio emerged as a tremendous man of courage who was remarkable and determined in his own way.


The fact is that Bryan can no longer drive and is completely dependent on someone to help him through, he is the most regular candidate of the course and has hardly missed two or three classes in the past two years.

Bryan’s incredible courage and spirit certainly is a message for all of us not to lament over momentary and conflicting things. We need to get inspired not fuss around over things that are irrefutable and irretrievable.

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