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Untold Truth
Untold Truth

© Monita Dutta

Drama Tragedy

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I wake up in the morning groggy with my head spinning. I feel the pain between my legs having run a sharp spasm to my abdomen.

Where am I? why don't I recognize this place?

I turn to the other side, there is someone sitting on the chair by the window. The moment I see him everything comes flooding in like a whirlpool and I suddenly remember everything.

Good afternoon my love, how do you feel? ,the man in the chair says.

What have you done?! I want to go home right now!, my voice tightening, betraying me.

I keep looking for the door but everything in the room is a mess and suddenly I spot the door. I bolt towards the door but just manage to go a few steps and trip over something fallen on the floor. A vicious cycle.

There is no point of running. I will explain to you what happened, please don't panic!, he says with a hint of tension.

I manage to get up and stand facing him with the door right within my grasp. My inner thighs hurt and my brain gives all sorts of numbing warning signs.

I know what I did was wrong but you were all over me and I was into you, he says.

I was not in MY SENSES!, my voice betraying me again and cracks.

I am sorry Priya, I shouldn't have, please forgive me. I brought you something to eat.

There lies something delicious looking at the dressing table yet so bland.

I want to go home.

There is still panic in Akash's eyes.

I'll drop you, he says.

He walks behind as we head for his car outside his place. A walk of nudging emotions and reverberating pain just oozing out.

There is silence in the car.

What should I do? Shall I tell my parents? Why did I come to his party in the first place? Why did I get drunk?

My conscience dwindling.

As soon as we reach, I get out of the car and rush for my doorbell with no sign of hesitation. I hear his car backing off as the door of my place crackles open. My dad is at the door with a hurt look on his face and mom is yelling in the background. The moment she sees me she becomes silent. She knows pain in the eyes of the beholder. I slowly walk past them and sit in the living room couch. The couch feels nice. The ache seems to settle.

My parents sit opposite to me while I muster all my strength to narrate the story to them with a heavy heart.

After I finish there is this eerie silence in the room. Next moment I feel a stinging sensation on my cheek.

My father had struck me.

Silence again.

Mom starts to weep...

I am crying too...

I want you to forget about this like nothing happened and let me do the amends. Says my father.

I start to cry even deeply.

What do I do? What have I done!

I walk slowly to my room, shut the door.

An hour passes by and there is a knock on my door which increases its volume by the minute. My dad breaks open the door to see me hanging from the ceiling with a note written on the mirror.

Sorry Dad, it wasn't my fault.

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