A Good Conversation

A Good Conversation

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My face was looking purely red. I felt that my whole body fill with sweat. I do not know why? It was the first day of my creative writing class. I did not know how will I write and express myself in front of others. After ten minutes a miracle happened.

I entered in the room. I did not know that the lady who was sitting in front of me was my teacher. I did not say a single word to her. I was doing the questions which I got from the another teacher. After waiting of fifteen minutes she said Sonia come here. I went near her. She gave me something to write. Her face was glowing with a divine light. I was amazed to see her speaking like this.

She was giving her motivational speech and I was like "WOW". Because I never heard someone to speak like this. That was so motivational. She is become my inspiration now. And I feel incomplete when I missed her lecture. I am so proud to her student.

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