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Forever Young
Forever Young

© Aastha Sharma

Drama Romance

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The door was a shade of brown, the curtains a bright magenta, the bedspread was a light lemon yellow, the cupboards a garden green and the painting on the wall was an extravagant violet. He entered the room unhurried, observing each color splashed across the wall and other artifacts, in great detail. "It clearly seems you love colors.", he said in an undertone surprising the girl who was humming a sweet tune. The girl with a white dust rag in one hand and a little magenta bottle in another, turned around, "You are here already, it's not even 8!", and yes I love colors, (sniffing the little magenta bottle) and scented little things and scented big men.

And the colorful room echoed with giggles from the two corners of the room. Her cupboard had 95 different glass molds of unusual shapes, filled with the best aromas from around the world, the color varied from a dark mauve to crimson red and all the others in between. Little bottles of joy she called them. She was dreamy. She talked of the moon and stars as they were her best friends. She was light, magic and love, but how often do such things last? She talked about the rivers and sands, like her feet were still wet between the toes from the crystal blue water from the streams. And I could not blame her for all of this and more, she was just 21. Twenty one! Isn't this the number when your head is supposed to be filled with dreams. I must admit, you were a gentle little girl, but I had other things to take care of. We could never fall in place, anyways, I was too rational with your dreams, and the only thing about dreams is you can never reason them. I loved you. And I still do, because i could not find out a way to un-love you. It was never your fault. So I eloped. I eloped, with the warmest hugs, kisses sweeter than wine and a little perfume bottle from your closet. You are right here in my closet, still chuckling the same way, seeing the bright red tie i'd worn on your birthday, which didn't go with my shirt. You are still here in this little bottle --- forever young.

english story storymirror drama

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