Alina'S Adventures In The Amazon

Alina'S Adventures In The Amazon

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It was  Alina’s  birthday and so everybody  gathered   around the table and eagerly waited for her  to wake up . They waited for many hours, but she did not wake up.

At last her mother went to her room and when she opened the door she was not there! She shouted loudly, “Alina is not there in her room. Let’s lookout for her.” Do you want to know where Alina was?


She was in the jungles of Amazon!!!!!!


The magical fruit

The whole day passed, doing some activity in the jungle. Now it was night time. Alina had plucked some wild fruits and one was shining! When Alina saw this, she dropped all the fruits except the shining one. She had a bite and after some time she was very uncomfortable. Everything around her was looking bigger than it was. Actually the plants were not getting bigger, instead Alina was shrinking! Now Alina understood why the fruit was shining. In fact it was a magical fruit.



Alina was thinking how to get back to normal size. All of a sudden, she heard some sound. She could see people coming towards her! Interestingly, they were very small in size.

They wore skin of animals, had crowns made of leaf on their head and had weapons made of stones with them. They caught her and carried her to their home and tied her up on a piece of wood. After some time one of the people saw that Alina had a cut on her hand!  They had a discussion within them and after they finished they immediately left her.

Alina was wondering why did they leaved her. On the way she started feeling hungry. To her surprise Alina she saw another shining fruit on the ground. She was a little hesitant, however she was so hungry that she picked it up and ate it . Suddenly   she started growing back to her normal size. Now Alina became very happy. 


Alina is back!

Alina’s mom was very sad and she felt like taking out some albums to see Alina’s photographs. She opened her cupboard and started looking for albums. When she was searching she saw a strange book. She opened a page in which was written `The Jungles of the Amazon`. Alina’s mom saw two buttons on the page. On one of the buttons, it was written “rescue” and on the other one it was written “let it go”. She pressed the button in which was written rescue. Suddenly Alina came out of nowhere. She told her mom that her friend gave her a book, as her birthday gift and said she could go to her favorite place. She wanted to go fairyland but she opened the wrong page. She thanked mom and celebrated her birthday with pomp.

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