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Through Her Eyes
Through Her Eyes

© Monami Dutta


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He was young. She was smart. He was 14. She was 13. He was good looking. She was cute. He was a brat. She was pampered. He was carefree. She was concerned. He was Neil. She was Meera. He was the best boy ‘she’ could get. She was the best lover ‘he’ could get. But…

She was a joke. He was the wind. She was the hair clip. He was the comb. He was the hand that she wanted to hold forever. She had the lips which he just kissed like it’s another. He was Neil. She was Meera. He was hot coffee. She was the coffee mug. But…

In spite of these, He was a boy of his own natures. She was a free-spirited girl. For him, he had spent time with her. For her, it was the most beautiful time spent. For him, “He” was everybody’s. For her, “He” is only hers. He was Neil. She was Meera. He proposed her. She rejected. But…

From the computer tutions to the English lectures, from the football ground to the evening cycling, from the road in front of her house to the balcony of his bungalow, their eyes met…every time he passed, Every time they met, every time their hands held, every time theirs hearts united. He happily roamed around. She waited for him. He wrote letters to her. She kept it secretly. He texted her. She replied sweetly. They cycled together. They made beautiful times. They were in each other’s hearts. They rose in love. He waited for her. She looked up for him. He used to wait for her on her b’day to wish her first. She used to wait for him all night to see his happy gifts. He was the first thing for her. & she was…probably “his”. He was Neil. She was Meera. And somewhere there were no 'Buts'.

He smoked. She cried. He laughed. She smiled. He joked. She used to fight. He used to Love her. She Loved him till she died.

They were truly unconditional. He left her many times. She kept crying. But…

Days passed...some years too. But there love story went on. There were sunny noon, chilly winter evenings, wonderful spring’s dawns & lusty autumn days. There was “he” all time for her. “he” was in her dreams. “he” was in her mind. “he” was in her eyes. “he” was hers. “he” was her life. But…

“he” was “he”. She was just “she”.

He moved around. She kept still. He laughed. She kept numb. She wished her well. He taunted it. He made his love to several. She still

“he” was her tears. and “she”?

“he” was her pride. and “she"?

“he” was her smile. “she"?

“he” was her broken heart. “she”??

“he” was her partner, her friend, her mate in her happiness & grief, her everything. “she”?

Well, don’t know. The answers are with him which probably “she” will never know.

3 years passed…

He had left her. She has become dead. He moved freely. She closed herself. He roared his world. She scrambled. Their feelings were poles apart but they…again met somewhere. They become friends. He was always sorry for her. She always kept revisiting their memories. He told some unusual stories about his past and future. She listened to it hopefully. They gave boards. They had their after exams parties. It was then they last met. It was then there eyes last saw each other. It was then “he” was busy greeting his buddies. It was then “she” kept bringing out time to see him. It was then she promised to love him, forever.

He moved to another city. She became busy with new life. He called her often. She sweetly smiled inside. They talked for hours. Yet, fought too. But she unknowingly, made dreams which would hurt her again. And then life ran on wheels. Pages of life turned. Time passed and they went away farther.

They texted now. They fought more. Still shared some feelings which I don’t know.

He blocked her. They stopped taking. She felt bad. Still,she moved on quietly. But...

One day she saw her unblocked. She checked his profile. She saw him with a girl close to his heart.

She smiled. Perhaps she knew. She felt happy but somewhere she...

She didn’t know why it was happening. She had moved on years ago. But why again now she couldn’t figure out. Somewhere within she was dying. It was not what she expected. She struggled. She thus, kept away.

One day she said him. She said how was she feeling.

He made her understand. Said it can’t be. She was lost. But he??? Gave slang to her, happily.

She was shocked. She was angry. She bet herself up. “Why the hell does my heart feel for you still, when you have long killed it up?”


They don’t talk. They don’t think. They are busy. They are still.

He doesn’t even wish her on birthday. He doesn’t even texts. She still, keeps awake till 12 to wish him on his day. They have not met since then. They have not talked. He was Neil. She was Meera. And even after so much differences she knows, she loves him still. Maybe she would slap him when she sees him But…

She will Love him forever, has her strong feelings for him.

And why not! It’s her first love. Her first ever feeling. Her first happy days, those special feelings, her first holding hands, her first touches, her first keeping head on his shoulder, her first twilight date. Her first looking in someone’s eye, her first Valentine’s Day, her first secret SMS, her first special day.

Love You…

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