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The Worthy Coffee Beans
The Worthy Coffee Beans

© Divya Mirchandani


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Things were new for Neha to understand and cope up with in her new house. She had recently got married and was trying to give her best so as to adjust. However, things seemed to become tougher for her as time passed by. Now, things were becoming harder, there were fights, and her struggle only increased. Neha thought of going to her mom’s house and tell her all about the pain and agony she was going through. She also told her mom that she has almost decided to give up.  

Listening patiently to Neha, her mother led her to the kitchen. So far she had said nothing but only asked Neha to do her a favour. She told Neha to boil water for her in three different pots. As the water began to boil, Neha’s mother asked her to put a carrot in the first pot, an egg in the second and grounded coffee beans in the third pot.

Fifteen minutes passed, and Neha’s mother was still quiet. All she did was turn off the cook top. Now she asked Neha to take out each of these items in different bowls. Neha wondered what her mother intended. Neha’s mother asked Neha to take a look at each of these items and asked what she could see. Neha said, “Carrots, egg and coffee!”    

Neha’s mother then asked her to feel of each of them and began to explain, “Though each of these things have undergone similar adversity, yet each of them have responded differently.” The mother continued and said, “Look at these carrots. They have softened down. On the other hand, the egg inside its shell has hardened. And finally, coffee has completely changed and has left the water with a rich aroma.”

Neha was still not sure as to what her mother was trying to explain. Her mother patted her and began to tell her about the significance of the whole exercise. She said, “Carrot was strong and tough but after being subjected to heat, it became soft and weak. The egg was fragile. However, the boiling water has hardened its inner core. On the other hand, the coffee beans have changed the water completely.”   

Now Neha’s mother looked at Neha and asked, “Which one are you? When things seem to be going tough, how do you react? Are you the carrot that seems strong, but when adversity strikes, you lose your strength and become soft? Are you the egg that has a malleable heart but has become tough and stiff with difficult times? A financial hardship, a break up or someone’s death has made your heart bitter and hard like a stone? Or are you like the coffee bean that has changed the water itself - the very circumstance that was the cause of pain? If you are the grounded coffee bean, then you change the situation and only get better while things are quite unfavourable. When time is at its worst, and the trails are sharp and steep, how do you react? Are you able to sustain and prove yourself better in the worst of situations?

“Well,” the mother continued, “All of us are capable of becoming the aromatic coffee bean, all we need is patience, strength and capability of having faith in ourselves. When the times are hard, you must adapt yourself, understand the cause and try to handle or rectify it. This way you will be able to create an atmosphere that is harmonious to live in.”

Neha had by now understood what she needed to do. She restored and gathered herself once again. She was all set for her mission to become the worthy coffee bean!    

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