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The Ice Melted
The Ice Melted

© Veena Sethi

Fantasy Inspirational Romance

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Valentine Day is coming once again and the heat of love is melting in the winds of winter. Vibha relives again those sweet and  sour memories of love, of course not in reality but... she moves down through the memory lane, where in last summer she had a cold war with her husband Rash (name of her husband is Rajnish and she calls him Rash).

As she remembers that evening, she couldn't stop herself to remember a bit of moment of that night. On that day, it was going to be almost ten years of their first meeting but she feels it's their first encounter. And she decided to celebrate it and relived those moments with a romantic candle light dinner. And…and she planned to celebrate that occasion in a newly opened restaurant of the city. So she booked a table and purchased a gift for Rash that was a surprise for him. She told him to come early because she knew that he forgets things very soon, so she texted him as a reminder. But as usually he came late and spoiled the dinner plan totally. She was so angry and didn’t know how to pacify her anger…? She dressed up for that much awaited occasion but he didn’t try to understand the situation. In spite of being sorry he smiled and gazed at her, “Darling…! You are looking so beautiful and stunning. To whom you are going to kill…?” he told with a broad smile. His smile was just adding fuel to fire; she thought: I couldn't control myself.  “Yours…!” She said to him with enrage. She entered into the bedroom and closed the door forcefully. He knew her nature very well and he understood that he did some blunder. He dared not to knock the door, perhaps he remembered.

    Next morning; when she woke up and saw him sleeping in the couch, he was looking so innocent, she was approaching him but suddenly the night incident moved in front of her eyes and the love for him disappeared in the air and she closed the door with a great noise and Rash awoke. He wished her morning but she didn’t respond and he understood that the cold war had begun. And then whenever he demanded for something or told, on reply she penned down on paper and fetched in his hand. It was so annoying when he said, "It is really…good! I won’t have to listen to your chatter…” So she decided to teach him some lesson. From then, whenever he said or demanded something she wrote on paper and instead of giving it into his hand, she put it on the table. He asked her for breakfast, she prepared it and wrote a slip that “Breakfast is on the dining table”. He didn’t care about whatever he did and she felt neglected badly.

       From that night as the cold war begun, it was almost 2-3 days passed, when they didn’t exchange a single word. Nobody was willing to initiate. Rash looked sad and she too. There was a silence between them and in their home. She was recalling her mother’s word. Once she told her that the marriage life is just like a sweet-sour pickle. Teasing between married couple is important for their healthy relationship but it shouldn’t lead to misunderstanding, otherwise ego comes between their relations. And both shouldn’t stretch it too long. Anyone can take initiative to talk first and he or she won’t be inferior to the other half.    

             She was thinking what if she would talk first. Thinking likewise she was entering into the bedroom and she dashed against Rash because she didn’t see due to the curtain hanging on the door. They were hit hard in the head with one another. She felt dizzy and disoriented, so she was falling down but Rash caught her in his arms. He gently laid her on the couch and asked, “Vinii…! Are you OK…? She nodded her head in yes. The ice that was frozen between their relations was melted at once. She was delirious for a while. And when she felt well, she opened her eyes. Rash was gazing at her with deep love and affection. They both looked at each other for while and then laughed wildly.

        At that day they promised each other, whatever problem or argument rises between them. It wouldn’t over shadow their relationship. Actually she thinks that the sweet and sour teasing between the couple acts as tonic for their relation. And the couple shouldn’t go far beyond in arguing with each other, otherwise ego problem makes their relationship worst and it would be harmful for their relation.




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