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Jonathon's Family
Jonathon's Family

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It was not just usual Sunday. I woke up late and walked to my balcony. Mob was collected at Shaun's house. Few ladies were crying and men were standing in a circle with hand folded to their chests.

Shaun's father had passed away. I put my shirt on and ran vigorously through stairs. I had a very few encounters with Mr. Jonathan. I knew him only as Shaun's father. Although every morning he used to sit on the bench of public garden and see kids playing. It was the time for me to run and catch the bus in order to reach office. There was always an eye contact and formal salutation with him.

I can remember, his words that he said in lift of the building, "son, do you know, life is just like this lift. When you reach on top there is only two options, either to remain there or come down again." I don't know how logical or illogical he was, but I could feel the loneliness in his voice. Mrs. Jonathan had passed away long back ago.

I saw Shaun's son crying with closed eyes. I moved to him and held his hands. He asked, "Where did my grandfather go?"

I had really no idea what to say. I dragged him into my lap and went to his mom to give him strength. His question was still unanswered. He asked his mom," where did grandfather go?"

"Son, grand pa was a great soul. God sends soul to earth to do some work and to make their kids eligible enough to live. You know your dad is grown as a nice citizen and he is now worthy enough to take the throne of our house, so grand pa took retirement and went away to God's world."

Kid was satisfied with the answer and was happy now for his father. I was astonished how easily this lady told him the truth of life.

People were busy in the further processes. Till night everything became as usual. Time started running with the pace till another bad news was there for the Jonathan's family. Shaun was got shot by some criminals and was fighting with the death.

I saw his son sitting on the same bench where his grand pa used to sit. I thrashed there and occupied the seat. He was busy with some papers and pen in his hands. I was analyzing his expressions. He was acting like counting some figures. Finally I asked, "What are you doing?"

"Sir when my father got eligible to take the command of our house my grand pa retired. Now I think I have to hurry. I must learn fast. I should know how to take care of my family because I think my father is taking retirement before age." It was all he said and again started counting and writing on the paper.

I had tears in my eyes but I was surprised enough that this little kid understood life better than any grown up. I was wishing for Shaun not to be retired at this early age.

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