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My Life
My Life

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Once upon a time  there was a girl who lived in a village. Her name was Rose , Her father Otthukutti was very bad person. He left her mother Latha and married another women. Rose's father  not even came to see her. Rose felt very sad and sat lonely but her mother was an strong women. She did not feel bad for her husband, she decided to improve  and to improve her daughter's life. She supported Rose in each and every situation. 

                           Rose's Mother went to work and gave her a good schooling and food. She worked very hard only for her daughter, she protected her daughter in each and every situation. Rose was interested in sports, she was interested in playing badminton. But every person in the school and the society said to her that sports is a waste of time. Study well. But her mother supported her and encouraged her to play every thing that she liked. She grew up with her mother's support and motivation . She played games but she did not get any trophy in any game. She just participated in the games, she got only failure and failure. She did not get success in any one of the games. One day she felt very tired and decided to leave all the games and decided to change her goal and aim. But her mother said her that every person in this world are just trying  to improve themself. Some people get success some may not get success in their life. But they should not leave their dreams and goals, they should not stop their dreams after getting failures in life. Every human has got many problems in their life , life is full of Problems and Dreams. Every person must face their problems and dreams  to get success in their life.

                           Finally Rose's mother asked her if she wanted to become a normal person or a successful person? Rose did not said any thing to her mother. She just become very silent.

Rose and her Mother lived happily. Her father felt  very bad  for leaving his daughter and wife.

Rose Become a successful woman in this world because of her mother's motivation. Every person in this world must have the mother like Rose.

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