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It was one dull eve and Mala was at the roof top with her little brother who was busy with his mobile phone. He had been trying to complete the 120th level of candy crush for more than a week and it was the hot potato in his mind all through the day.

Mala, a 19 year old engineering student who lost her father in early ages and her mother was a teacher who looked after Mala and her two little brothers as a single parent without any background support.

Being the elder one, Mala could understand all the hardships her mother faced, shames she had been through, her own dreams she had been swallowing and everything.

She very well knew regarding the poor placement for engineering but was ought to take it as everyone believed that engineering was an evergreen platform to make money. Thoughts of her mom's immense hope on her intermittent career in two years literally killed her inside.

Being helpless both Mala and her brother surfed in YouTube for alternate paths so that it would set them free for the rest and both found one. She came to know about the online work from home job and some competitions with considerable stipends as money was her family's only need. On the other hand her brother got to know about some special candies that he could use to finish the level so that he can surf through the next.

Rather than blaming the situation and wasting time, accepting the circumstances and finding an alternative to reach your destination will always make you outstretch your dreams at the end.

Ways to reach goals are never finite.

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