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Diary Of A Dead Girl
Diary Of A Dead Girl

© Madhvi Mahajan


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I woke up to this horrible dream. People lying on the floor, their bodies covered with blood and walls marked with bullets and drops of blood. I could see all my friends lying down there. I tried waking them up. But no one woke up. I was scared. My head was aching.

This morning, I had told Abbu I wasn’t feeling well and I didn’t want to go to school, but he scolded me for making excuses. I really didn’t want to come today. Ammi had made me wear this new uniform but it's all drenched with blood now. She will be angry. I was scared. Nobody was moving around me. I was crying alone sitting in the corner.

"Wait, is that Ammi’s voice," I asked myself and came running to the playground.

There was a huge rush. Oh, even Bushra’s Ammi-Abbu are here but why are they crying? What happened? Is she alright? Oh, look Ammi-Abbu are right there. I ran running to her but from far I could sense they were crying. Watching them cry I couldn’t control my tears and ran up to hug her. I just passed through her body! I was shocked, I cried harder. I couldn’t understand what was happening.

Then I saw a girl lying down on the floor dead. It was me. I was dead. That bullet had hit my head. I was standing there helplessly, crying, trying to hold Ammi and Abbu but I couldn’t. I can see them going away.

“Ammi mat jao hum yahin hain. Humein darr lag rha hai, Abbu. Humein chhod ke mat jao,” I cried but they couldn’t hear.

I am alone. Forever.


What if their souls are still wandering in the school? What if they are crying for help? What if they are watching you go away. They were kids. They were immature. Before they could even learn the spelling of life, they had to die. Such inhumane action. Terrorism has no religion. Terrorism knows no age. Terrorism has no friends or foes. All they want is blood, no matter who they are or how many they are? My heart goes out for those kids who were the victims in the attack and for their family. We all can feel the pain though it's not anywhere at par with the amount of pain that you are having. Let's come together and fight against such heinous crime and such evil people. Hope that the little souls rest in peace.

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