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It’s Still Swinging
It’s Still Swinging

© Swati Tyagi


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It was evening. I went to the park in front of my house with a friend where we both started swinging and chatting went on for about an hour.

“I am hungry. Let’s go home.” I said

“OK. Let’s not use our feet. Once the swing stops itself, we will go.” She replied

“OK” We stopped speeding up but our chatting continued

Her swing stopped, my didn’t. She was sitting there, still and chatting, waiting for me to stop.

“Why are you not stopping, I thought you were hungry” She started to lose patience

“I don’t know. It’s still going with the same speed.” I looked around

“I want to go home. Just get down.”

We went home. My Mom gave us snacks which we took to terrace.

“See, it’s still swinging.” I pointed towards the Park. We sat down to eat while I kept stealing quick glances of the swing. She went back to her home. Swing never stopped.

Probably it is because of air, I told myself, but not a leaf was moving.

Probably someone pushed, it will stop in a while. I waited for around 20 minutes. Neither did it stop, nor did it lose the speed.

I was called for dinner.

Just before going to sleep, I ran to the terrace to check again. It was still swinging. I went to bed and slept.

Suddenly I woke up. It was still dark. I switched on the light, 3:05am. I went to my parents’ room to sneak into their bed with them. Then I remembered about the swing. I ran towards terrace to check again. It was still swinging. I stood there for a couple of minutes. Then it stopped abruptly only to start swinging again, in the same manner. The other swing was still as a rock. This time I was horrified. I ran inside and sneaked in with my parents.

Next morning, I had forgotten all about it. That evening I went to the park again. Swing was still. I played around and came back.

Now, I think of all the possibilities, Newton’s law of motion, friction etc. Then I convince myself, probably it was my imagination. But, somewhere in me, that six year old kids still see it swinging.

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