The Meeting Place (An Unfinished Love Story)

The Meeting Place (An Unfinished Love Story)

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The wind is blowing very hard so everything around the mass of snow is folded in dark and grey. 

Shilpa has just woken from a strange sleep in which she has witnessed her boyfriend coming back to take her on Reindeer and she is the queen of the Paradise. 

"Where is he? He was taking me through; it's all cold and dark."

She is whispering to herself in that mournful evening while the people around her are still joking on the victory they had in a bet after the Christmas:

"Probably, I dozed off or something, but these people were also there, she told to herself, waking up with a sudden jerk and realising that snow going to start melting in few hour time, so she would only be whizzing with this rock for the rest of the time at large...

Some of the people again start to bother Shilpa, as she pushes her hair out of her eyes, looking tired and sad again-

It looked like that the person who she dreamed had the same voice like her old Boyfriend;

She was just going to decide to tell people that she had vision of a person returning when unpleasant laughter reached her ears-

"Look, I am really sad for whatever happened, but such traitors are common today; They joke of the girls, beguiling their identity, Once their job done, they left people like you back to rock"-

She started to cry as that unpleasant laughter grew high, but she had enough strength to shout at these people-

"It's not their fault that they badger around, it’s you people who let them to do the same"-

As people start to wonder, she once again put her head on the same rock and start to take loud snores, waiting for a boyfriend no wonder could come back for her.

Now the Christmas is over and so is the horrible winter, Shilpa is still there near the rock, but her mournings are not shared by the chirruping of Birds around the nearby trees- Yet this spring is not going to lift her mood, even it's not that she tried, though.

Around the beginning of the spring, she reached the corniest of the trees around the rock trying to fill the rock from new lit blooms but as she approached the fresh taunts reached them, "Oh! Looking to put new salinity to your boyfriend's grave? Good good! Do that for him, but he is not going to come again."

These were enough insults to the injury; she threw those blooms at their laughing heads, turned her way forward and vanished still their word inside her brain. "You may reach the same end as he did one day on the brink of pain and unloving franchise due to your curses on us...”

The spring is looming at heights, she is looking for the fresh sounds of the weather, yet her mood is going bad with regular comments from ill-wishers, So finally disgusted by their silent hisses and disturbing comments, she shouted at them again-

"I wonder you believe he is dead! I am sure that the last person would be better, so who knows, another one like him might come to rescue me from you forever?"

As they made strange faces, she continued, as she couldn't see their faces, "you worry about your families, I am deciding to curse you with my love, and I hope it might affect you!"

But the people around the rock's village had enough on their account by her. On these words they stood up in unison and started throwing unripe apples on her, which hit hard on her face, so she had started weeping now, crying for someone to come and to take her through one new journey...

It looks like that someone is coming again; a small car has stopped at the gateway of the colony near the rock. A man has stepped out near a house, asking the way forward to the rock, "where's the shortest way to reach that rock? I have heard some fascinating lady lives here who is awaiting my return...”

The people living in that place are looking worried and curious whether it's the same person who is coming forward, He finally come to know the way to reach the rock and didn't speak to anyone till he had reached Shilpa sitting near the rock again, "Oh! Sorry, last time we couldn't stayed longer in our heaven's place, shall we continue to go back to our home?"

When Shilpa didn't answer, he asked again, "Are you sure, you didn't recognise me? If you don't I shall go back. He looked uncomfortable that his own love is not able to recognise him.

It happened all of sudden that the blooms nearest to the rock fly overhead and Shilpa finally stood up, looking livid and sad too, "why did you leave me when the satins told me that my love is brave enough, that it will fight from all of them?"

She started to cry without holding his hand while shouting straight towards the place where he had parked his car, "I believe you lack the bravery my friend once used to persist...”

When the boyfriend didn't reply to her, acting as he didn't know her, as Shilpa was doing before, she leaned forward towards him, whispered in his ears so he could finally look in her face now, "I know you will come back, I was waiting, shall we go on, or you wish to stay here?"

On these words, he jumped up, grabbed her hand and now they both going towards the area where the Car is parked for another journey in this 'unfinished love story' to make one more remarkable presence.

The people are shouting again, as a new friend is trying to help Shilpa get out of her trouble, However Shilpa is unaware is that due to these people her love life is unfinished, yet she can't ignore them as such, "what the hell are you thinking by leaving this place with this person? Thinking that you will get your old love back, would you?"

Again some light creeps over and the people found that they are being hit by a sunray even it's not summer yet, Still they kept to their own idea and shouted once more looking on the boy's face. 

"What the hell are you doing? You fancy this girl? This girl dates differently with a different man every year; you think she is good for you?"

Still, Shilpa and her friend ignore them and once the crowd had departed to their homes feeling that their words are not enough for these lovebirds, they are again waiting for a chance to taunt Shilpa when this man will leave her again as had happened in earlier cases.

The street is empty, the people are in their houses, there is no sound except the wind blowing newly growing flowers and juicy fruits at the top of the trees near the rock, yet there is the silence no one can penetrate or control.

The rock humming to itself in the river nearby churning below and it's slowly gleaning no rover realising that it has lost its huge parts in recent years, yet its hopelessness is still dawned on the faces nearby who once used to taunt Shilpa with their own ways.

As they reached the rock again they whispered, "Will she be back, do you think there is a faintest chance that we can have our money bags refilled that we did help her in the past, I know that her lack of vision was our base, but who knows that she won't be back?"

Yet they all know that they had said so much to Shilpa that there is hardly anything left in that unfinished love story to be contained with. However, the rock and it's surrounding houses still wonder and also expect that this love story hasn't ended yet.

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