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You Are Gifted
You Are Gifted

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I searched for the keys in my bag and as soon as I got it, I opened the door and pounced on my bed. I was debilitated by running here and there for the event at my school the entire day. My hands were worn out and my legs gave away. The moment I entered the realm of sweet sleep I heard a noise crippling through my ears. “Go and have a bath first!” shouted my dad. Being an ancient person he was of the belief that bathing twice in a day is must to please yourself and God. After some repeated shouts his voice became severe and I knew that if I did not get up I would have had it for the day. I woke up and entered my bathroom.

As always when you don’t have any work to do while bathing you either sing or think about people. I started thinking of my dad. “Oh! How irritating he can get at times” I told myself. He never has given me a play station or even a cricket bat. I have wished for so many things but have never received any of them except for one thing – continuous jeering about studies. I wished I could have lived a different life. A life where I had luxurious cars, unlimited toys, an IPhone and lots of pocket money but I know these things were impossible. With such thoughts in mind I finally came out of the bathtub and dried myself and got some clothes on. As a stepped out of the bathroom I saw a man sitting beside my dad. I had never seen a person like him in my life. He was thin with his head as shiny as the moon. His eyes were popping out as if they were balls. I was more irritated because now I would have to stay up longer. I was angry on him. Overall after looking at him I could guess that he wanted to talk about something serious. That something serious was about to change my life.

“Finally the day has come, Hemant.” He continued to talk with my dad in a grave tone. “Two years ago I told you that I had cancer in my leg. My son has helped me a lot all these days to walk. Even if I had to drink water or wanted to get anything he was there. The last year was my worst. I had severe blisters and due to chemotherapy my hairs are all gone. I thought that I was tortured in hell. My son is very small now. I can’t bring in the guts to tell him … ”, and he started crying. My dad was pale. He did not know what to say to that man. He continued “But I will have to tell him this, I am going to die in 10 days now. ” I was hiding behind the wall and listening to every word he told but the last line that I heard made me dumbstruck. I was speechless. I told to myself ,”Should I go out?” or “Should I stay and hear ahead?” I decided to stay there and hear ahead.

After hearing all that that man had to say he removed a small piece of paper and made my dad sign it. Maybe it was his will. His last death wish. That night I did not sleep. I could not stop thinking of how a small boy could lift up his dad all day or how could he give so much time to be with his dad the entire day? How could that man still smile when he knew that he was going to die? How could he fight cancer for an entire year? How could he tell his son that he was going to die? The answer to these questions is simple, his son loved him more than he loved himself or all the worldly pleasures. That love gave him the strength. He loved his son so much that he fought cancer for a year. He loved his son so much that even in his last days he was doing all that he could for his son.

After thinking about all this I thought about myself. What was I doing with my life? What did I ever do to help someone? I could not even take care of myself let aside others. I don’t know how long I am going to live but I know for sure that I will live to my fullest. I am gifted with life, with parents, with people around me everywhere. I am lucky enough to have the means to achieve my dreams. I have all the happiness possible in my life. That day inspired me. That was the day when I took the decision to never complain about life and more than that try to change someone’s life for the better. Though I slept till late in the morning my conscience was awakened forever.

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