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The Tune Of Death
The Tune Of Death

© Neel Deb

Crime Thriller

3 Minutes   18.1K    100

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It was a rather pleasant evening that day if you ask me. The noise of this busy city has never been appreciated by Greg but it never seems to bother me. Today however is so quite, it seems like all the people in the street have decided not to come out.

Suddenly I heard the front door slammed open. Must be Greg, I thought to myself, as I heard a man’s footstep walking up the staircase towards the kitchen. “The water is warm, go take a shower first”, I shouted at the top of my voice as I heard the footsteps change direction and walk towards our bathroom.

That seemed strange. Usually he always is reluctant to do anything apart from eating first after he arrives home. Come to think of it, he is quite early today. Must have been a bad day at office, I thought as I started preparing the table. I could hear the shower sound from the bathroom and a whistling sound that seemed eerily known. Oh I just could not wrap my heard around that tune. What is the song that Greg is whistling. “What tune is that”, I shouted and suddenly the whistling stopped. There was no answer. I stood in silence waiting to hear something but all I heard was my cell phone ring, it was Greg’s office he must have forgot something back. I picked it up.

Hello, I spoke.

Hey, It’s me. I am struck in a meeting will be late. Don’t wait up.

It was Greg’s Voice. And then beeps on the phone. He hung up and I was unable to utter a word. I was standing with my cell on my ears and shivering with shock who is that man. I could still hear the sound of the shower pouring down. I gathered some courage and picked up the kitchen knife and started walking towards him. And just at that moment the shower stopped and the bathroom door opened. I ran and hid behind the cupboard. The man started whistling the tune again.

I was shivering with fear. I texted Greg everything and he replied immediately ‘GET OUT OF THERE. I AM COMING ASAP’. I just could not move. The man was moving around the housing searching for something. And humming that tune on and on. And then it all stopped. There was silence everywhere.

I was still shaking from all this. It was about 5 minutes of complete silence. He must have left I thought and I slowly got up with the knife in my hand approaching the kitchen door. As I stood I heard a man running towards the kitchen and I yelled and threw the knife towards the door as I heard a man scream at the top of his lungs as he fell down on the ground. I ran out to see the man, do I know him, did I kill him, all these question going through my mind. I turned the lights of the stairway as I saw Greg lying there with a knife right through his heart. He was covered in blood, his own blood. I could not stand any longer. I fell knees down on the ground. I grabbed his head and tears started to fall down my eye. Then I saw a shadow of a man slowly walking away from the front door with the same tune whistling.

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