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Relishing Insomnia
Relishing Insomnia

© Sreyashee Roy


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On every midnight, I caress my insomniac blues with utmost prudence.I don't really struggle to sleep these days because that bliss of solitude now pretends to be more fascinating to me than wasting the time by trying to take nap. That is the only and precious moment I can feel my presence. From the window I gaze at infinite blueness, the ultimate dark of the night sky. I just wonder how the world resides comfortably within a veil of unknown fog whereas the sky rather the blue is the epitome of clarity. I just relish that calmness, that instant thinking that somewhere someone exists in this world adorned with infatuations who also search for clearance like I do. May be our paths are paved in different manner but I smile again staring at the stars that our way will merge someday. People always urge for compatibility, perfection. I really don't know that feeling which the man made thesaurus captivated as "love" whether exists in compatibility or perfection but, I firmly believe that it persists in imperfection. Are all the planets, constellation of stars, moon compatible to each other? No, they are imperfect but stable in their own way. I want to dip on that thesaurus of galaxies where all the celestial bodies share the only bonding of imperfection but are together since trillions of years within the universe. Again when the sun is preparing to take the lead my realizations vanish and reality engulfs me.

Everyone will consider all these as my gibberish thoughts. Friends even sarcastically will term it as 'pretty infatuation'. But I cherish for that "somebody" who will enrich those blemish nights; that imperfect person who unknowingly remains awake all nights gazing only at that ocean of infinity and there persists our very first bonding.

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