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My Baby
My Baby

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In the last 3 weeks, we have seen a rapid increase in development and mobility. I didn't realize that things could change so drastically in such a small window of time. This little boy has gone from no teeth to two teeth. From rolling around to army crawling. Now he's moving into a sitting position on his own from lying down. He's spinning around and rolling across the room. He can stand on his own relying only on his walker for a short period of time. He can get into drawers and walk on his knees relying on only himself and his walker. I find myself looking at him wanting to cry both out of happiness and sadness.


I think to myself, ‘In two short months, he'll be a year old. He's still going to be a baby but he's not going to be a baby.’ I find myself so ahead of myself, ‘What will I do when I can no longer huff his baby fuzz hair and make him giggle by kissing his belly". I'm a junky I don't think I can live without this, I need this... Just a couple more hits of the fuzz.


I'm both grateful for what I have yet sad knowing that time makes no exceptions and stops for no one. I know this moment too shall pass faster than I expect and you will be 2 and throwing fits, 5 and beginning to have your own opinions, 8 and making your own friends, 12 and asking me to get out of your room, 15 and wanting your own car, and finally you'll be an adult and you'll still need me but it won’t be like it was.


All I can hope and pray for is that it's even better. I will try my best to not over baby you when you're grown up and I know your Dad will tell me to cut the strings but I can't make any guarantees. 

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