Baba Nanak Shah Fakir Hindu Ka Guru Musalman Ka Pir

Baba Nanak Shah Fakir Hindu Ka Guru Musalman Ka Pir

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“Mithat Neevi Nanaka,
Gun Changiyaiyan Tath”

(To speak sweetly and to be humble are the greatest of virtues)


In this couplet, Guru Nanak Devji says that to speak sweetly and to be humble is the most important of all the virtues.

This is a very important message in today’s world where humility is seen as a weakness and arrogance as a virtue. Where talking rudely and sarcastically have become the norm, especially on the web, where people write nasty things just to get attention, not at all concerned about how they hurt people with their comments.

Normally, people are so frustrated in their lives, that they are ready to fight  at the drop of a hat. The ‘road rage’ cases we see are a case in point. Most fights and hurt feelings can be avoided if we learn to be a little humble and speak sweetly. I’m sure, it will get a similar response from others.

We should try and follow Guruji’s teachings in our daily lives. The world would be a much better place if we spoke politely and with sweetness, not only to one’s family and friends, but also to people we work with and people who work for us.

Also, we should always be grateful and humble for everything we have and not be arrogant or proud. We should thank God for all that he has given and try and help the less fortunate.

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