Evening Tution

Evening Tution

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And I slapped on his face. Though he was the one hurt, tears were rolling out from my eyes. I loved him so much. How could he do this to me?

I was completely broken and sat down on the floor. Tears were oozing out from my eyes. Yes, I had lost him. I was facing down in search of him. Though I was not looking at him, all I wanted was a hug from him.

He didn't utter a single word. He went away. He didn't even turn once. Yes, I was ready to spend my whole life with him even after his cheating, but he was not strong enough to face me.

The story actually started four months ago when I met Abhay at the evening tuition classes. He was so friendly and we often helped each other in the class because math was a subject which can't be studied alone. We soon fell in love and were engaged.

But one day I got a call that he would be absent for some reason. I too didn't want to go the tuition classes that evening. I decide to go out with my roommates. And there I saw him standing with a girl and  hugging her.

He had cheated on me. It took no time to understand the whole plot. I was burning in rage. I went straight to him and slapped him. He said nothing.

Today is the day I miss him a lot and can't take the burden that I had doubted him. Actually she was her friend who had a break-up. He was just consoling the girl.

Now I can't face him ever. I QUIT!

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