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Anxiety anxiety and anxiety is the main illness occurring these days, leading many teenage children, youngsters and adults to come to a situation in which they even contemplate to commit suicide.

In the situations like:

1. Earning money for family (Family stress) in adults.

2. Students getting lot of homework from their school (School stress)

3. Exams pressure of performance (Stress in youngsters)

4. Pier pressure on achievement and extra curricular performance parameters (Stress in Teenagers)

and many more reasons for people generally get stressed out and go through tension. Therefore, ultimately thinking of hurting themselves.

Rather we should in this situation get positive and imbibe good thoughts in our mind so that we feel refreshed and cool.

Make our body says to us “No worries try hard and keep practicing you will surely reach greater heights.”

MY STORY my personal experience :-

Everything was going well till my exams came near, I started to worry what will happen in my exams slowly-slowly as I studied and the dates passed bringing my exams nearer.

The day came when I had my first exam I went with a lot of preparation and gave my exam with full enthusiasm and confidence but when I came home I started having tension.

I don’t know for what reason but my head started aching and everything seemed to be very small in size to me.

This happened with me till the next 2-3 exams and in the subsequent exams.

Next the day came when there was a break, a few days off which we get before the exam, I got so tensed and felt so anxious that I even went down for fever.


My mom gave me moral strength and I gave the exam. But the tension from my mind did not get off. I was more and more down with the anxiety illness.

After this my mom got a new idea to cure my anxiety which was through“MEDITATION”

She asked me to do this daily after getting up from my bed in the morning. I used to breathe heavily with holding my breathe for 4-5 sec after each pull.

I did this every day for 10 min daily starting with 2-3 min in the start and slowly slowly my head ache and the tension in my mind went of and I started living as before and was very happy.

I believe this is the best method of curing anxiety and staying a fresh.

So this was my story. Now I would like to conclude that we should all try meditation. It is my promise if you practice it daily and properly you will surely stay happy and enjoy your life.

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