The Secret Admirer.

The Secret Admirer.

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15 June, 9 am.

  I was holding a blue marker, crossing the dates on calendar. Now it's just 5 days to go for his birthday. I Jumped in my bed, took my phone and pinged to my two best friends “Five days to go for his birthday“. Ankita replied "Miss.piya! what’s your plan for his birthday? except the treat which we are going to get." I reverted blushingly, "Yaar you already know we are just 'friends'. I can’t do anything over the top for him, I mean just imagine, What will he think if i do anything more than his expectations? I am not going to do anything, just a birthday wish, nothing else." She replied, "No way! Are you crazy? Uska birthday hai aur tu kuch nhi karegi?" Suddenly my another mate Komal pinged, "We will help you don’t worry." Ankita again texted "Yes darling! You just plan something we will help you to execute it." After some more conversations with my crazy fellows, I decided to gift him a chocolate box, a blue t-shirt as it suits him alot and a birthday greeting. But it won’t have my name on it. I made a card for him with a best birthday wish. Though i put it with a tag of “Your Secret Admire”. So it was just two more days left for his birthday. I was confused where to keep that bag so that only he can find it and should not even catch me while keeping it there.

Ankita asked, "You know his residential address, right? Then why don’t you just go and keep it on the main door? Once he or his parents will see the parcel by his name they will deliver it to him and he will not come to know who left it for him. On the other side, Komal suggested that she has a friend who is their mutual classmate. I should give the present to her and she will ask the mutual one to put that in ritivik's bag on his birthday when he comes for the lecture. I considered both of the ideas. I asked them to lend me some more time to think about the if's and but's which may arise and can give a place to the disaster. (hahaha) 

I was having only one day to go. I kept on thinking about the ideas, whether they will work or not. I considered first one from ankita, a thought came to my mind 'What if, some family member catches me putting it on their door', 'What if, he comes behind my back and catches me while keeping the parcel'. I knew i wanted to make his birthday a bit special and just wanted to bring a smile on his face but also don’t want him to think that i have gone nuts over him. Oh man! this is not gonna work. So i decided to go for Komal's idea. Her friend will put the parcel in his bag but wait a second, as he is his friend too, he will surely ask him, "who kept it there or pressurise him to tell" then this dumb guy will reveal everything. No way! i can’t do this. These girls are not taking my thing seriously. The outcome can impact me alot, i need to think and plan something by myself only. I also thought to send through courier but it requires my address as well which will ultimately reveal my identity. I can’t even search for a postman uncle who will deliver this to him illegally without following the procedure. I was just sitting on my study table and glancing over the parcel with whole stuff lying on my desk. Suddenly i saw sticky notes, and there was no other better option to use them then the idea i got. I decided tomorrow morning when we will be leaving after the lectures i will rush to the parking area, keeping the paper bag on his bike and i will stick one note on his bike with a message 'This is a little effort to make your birthday special ritivik, please accept the gift i have left for you your secret admire with love and best wishes.' This sounded like a plan to go ahead without calculating the stupid demerits. I pinged my best friends about my idea, They both agreed to help me with this as well.

It was finally 20june, his birthday morning. I left for college dressed up better than my casual look. I took my paper bag so carefully that no one should catch me with it, especially ritivik. The lectures passed and we went out of the class, i got his glimpse finally. "Thank God! he didn’t missed college today" i said and my best friends ended up laughing. He was looking supercool and the sound of his laughter’s never failed to make me smile. I decided to go and just wish him personally, its hard but i have to. I walked to him straight, greeted him with a 'good morning and a very happy birthday'. He with delightful smile on his face thanked me. As i have to rush down before him to keep that bag. I said hurriedly, "I will catch you later in a bit". He said "No issue. See you". He also got busy with his friends.

I rushed to parking, searched his bike and i was unable to find it. Five minutes passed and i was still searching. oh yes! there it is, i found it! I went and hung the carry bag on the handle, and stuck that note on his vehicle's metre. Finally i was successful in my plan, I moved out to stand with my friends with a suitable distance from parking. He went inside and was stunned and also happy getting something so unexpected. I decided to leave before he searches for his secret admire watching over him from a distance. After few minutes, the moment i stepped out of the gate, A known voice came from behind and i knew it was Rithvik "Ms.Secret admire, atleast allow me to thank you for this". I turned back, ritivik was there with a mysterious smile on his face. i said hesitatingly, "Who? Are you addressing me?" He said, "Ofcourse you, the one who want to give me this gift hamper and doesn’t even bother to reveal her identity." I, in my self defence said, "No way Rithvik, i have not kept it, i don’t know who kept it". He smiled at me and replied "few things may doesn’t happen in our favour but it can unfold some good outcomes". i was confused and trying to get what did he mean? Until i make a conclusion, he showed his hand to me and guess what? he was holding my Identity card, which was mistakenly fallen in the bag while rushing down and i was left with no explanations. 

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