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Vacation Diaries
Vacation Diaries

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Summer is boring to be at home. For me who would like to always roam around, always looking for a vacation. I always look forward to my cousins to join me as they have holidays in their colleges. So, I have 7 cousins and all are crazy. Each of them is talented in their own life. One is a dance, another singer. One likes to do mimicry and he is a comic artist. One is a painter. The other three are interested in sports and adventures.

So, here is how it begin. We all were so curious to go out for an outing and this time we decided to stay at my Uncles guest house which is in Mumbai. We planned to stay there for 15 days. We all reached the guest house on the first day. We got to freshen up and then went to the market to get all the things required to eat and drink. After coming from the market we were so tired so we slept.

We woke up at 9 and then we were all high and we didn’t sleep the whole night. The whole night we were talking and discussing. The discussion was all about our lives. We danced, we had fun.

The morning we all were high, so we were all sleeping the whole day. It was like entertainment begins in the evening. My cousins are so crazy. We all planned to do things we have never done before the second night. So, we thought to call the spirit, we all sat in a dark room. We added a pleasant aroma to the room. We lit few candles and we placed the mirror in the center as we read somewhere that the spirits are seen in mirrors. We read this on the internet- “Think of a deceased person you knew or heard of in your family and chant this: “Spirit show yourself, spirit reveal, spirit come to me so I know you are real! And we did this for about ten times and we didn’t see or hear anything. We all thought this to be a joke and we came out to the hall to carry on with the party. We slept that night.

To our surprise when we woke up, one amongst 8 of us was missing. We searched for him in the entire guest house and we couldn’t find it. We called him but we couldn’t reach him. We thought to wait for 2-3 hours and then let our parents know about him.

3 hours passed and he came, when we asked him where he was, he said he went to meet his girlfriend. We were glad that there was nothing wrong as we suspected. After all this, we decided to go out for a long drive. We had 2 cars and 2 bikes. We started at 11 in the night. We had ice cream on the way. We all kept riding far. We were 4 in each car and 2 guys riding individually their bikes. To my surprise, in my front mirrors, I saw another person sitting behind one of the bike riders. When I informed others and looked back, it was not there. I thought I was just mistaken.

From the next day onwards the other people could see them too but we never saw it when we were together. Until the 7th day, we all could just see him. But from the 8th day, we were hearing sounds of cries all night. We were now so afraid to stay at the guest house. We thought to go back home and end this vacation here itself. So, finally, we were about to leave the next day morning. That night I wanted to know who it is. So, I went to the darkroom again and here I see the same person. This time it was not in the mirror, it was not on the bike. Nor he was crying. I went to touch him, he woke up and now he was shocked for a minute. He was none other than one of my cousins, who ran away leaving his house for love marriage as we didn’t accept what he wanted to do.

I gathered all the cousins and we were angry one side and the other side we were happy to see him back. As we searched for him a lot but we couldn’t find him. We asked him why he was scaring us all this while. He said he was jealous as he was missing all the fun. So, he thought to scare us all and wanted us to go back home. Finally, he said sorry and we were all okay with him.

That night we all had fun and we partied.

After this, we went to speak to his parents and we requested them to accept him and his wife. They agreed and here was the real celebration.

They re-arranged the marriage and with all the ceremonials and the functions we had fun in the marriage. It was a wonderful wedding organized by all of us. We all danced, sang, took a lot of pictures. Each function was great. They are now happily married. They left for their honeymoon and we all went back home.

So, it was a great time. We will have these memories of this forever.

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