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Aaji - The Grandmother

Aaji - The Grandmother

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It's the first day of the month . Deepa ,Aaji's grandson's wife wakes up and comes out of her room . She looks at Aaji surprised as aaji is packing her clothes and medicines in her cloth bag .Generally ,this is what Aaji does every start of the month .

Deepa has a weekly off from work today . While having her morning tea, Deepa is still thinking ," Aaji was supposed to stay with us going forward then why is she packing her bag .She was so unwell when she had returned home last month from her eldest son's house ".

Deepa remembers Baba taking Aaji to her doctor immediately the next day she had come.Her three daughters also had come to see Aaji as she was not responding to medicines .She started keeping well just few days back

Deepa asks Aaji : "Why are you going ? when will you be back again ? "

Aaji replies : " I will be back here soon dear " . Aaji smiles at Deepa .

Deepa asks Baba , her father in law " Why is Aaji going again " .

Baba replies " I may need to travel to our native place for few days , so I am planning to leave her with Kaka " .

Deepa says " So what , we all will be there here with her " .

Baba does not say anything.

Aaji turned 85 this year .She is not able to have her food properly now as most of her teeth fell off due to age , she feels weak now .Her eyesight is low, she even cannot hear properly .In her free time she memorizes prayers . When Deepa gets some free time , she enjoys talking with aaji , listening to her lifetime experiences , her stories of Gods seem funny to Deepa .

Deepa and baba crack jokes with Aaji and enjoy their time together when they are alone . Aaji is fond of Deepa's daughter Riya .She is not able to pick up six month old Riya now , but she sits besides her and watches her playing with her toys, Riya enjoys Aaji's company as well .

Baba is Aaji's youngest son . He takes so much care of aaji . He sees to it that she eats well , gives her medicines on time .Aai , Baba's wife also sees to it that Aaji gets food on time .

Deepa notices a change in Aai's mood today,Aai seems relieved than usual.

As the day passes by , aaji takes some rest as she needs to travel today . It's evening , Aaji sits with her son on the backseat of the car along with the whole family . Her grandson drives aaji to her second son , Kaka's home . As Kaka's home arrives , baba helps aaji get out of the car . She walks slowly towards the lift holding baba tightly .

The door bell rings. Kaka opens the door . He looks happy seeing his younger brother's family . His wife is inside , busy cooking food for the guests .

As everyone is greeting one another , Aaji walks slowly towards a small bed in the hall and manages to sit on it . Everyone enjoy their time together. Riya is also busy playing with Kaka's two year old grand daughter Dia . Aaji sits in a corner and looks at all her children .She is happy seeing all of them together .

After having dinner , Baba's family is ready to go back home .

Deepa goes near aaji and says "come back soon , Riya will miss you " .

Aaji Replies : "Yes , I will be back soon " and smiles , sitting near Dia watching her play .

Baba's family leaves for home . Returning back , Deepa wishes that the month passes by soon ...

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