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Ch10 When Love Knocks The Door

Ch10 When Love Knocks The Door

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‘Hi, my name is Aditya,’ Aditya was a charming boy and Kriti’s classmate. He admired Kriti a lot and always wished to befriend her. But Kriti had already given her heart to Professor Fawad.

‘Hi, I am Kriti,’

‘You like to have coffee after college today?’ Aditya said.

‘I have to prepare English notes,’ Kriti said trying her best not to hurt his feelings.

‘No problem! Some other day,’ Aditya said in a positive tone.

It was English period and Kriti was waiting eagerly for professor Fawad to come. Kriti’s heart skipped a beat as he entered the class. He was wearing a black shirt and jeans and looked Greek god in the beard. His smoky voice made her fall more in love with him. Kriti was dreaming throughout the class and no voice was audible to her.

‘Sit down Kriti,’ All the students laughed as professor Fawad told her to sit.

All the students sat down while she was standing still, lost in her dreams.

‘Sorry sir,’ she sat quickly.

‘Class keep silence. And open page no 14,’

‘He scolded everyone for me. I think he likes me too,’ Kriti smiled and started day-dreaming.

‘Sir, sir..sir….she screamed as the class got over.

‘Yes, Kriti. What happened?’

‘I haven’t understood chapter no 3. And I am also facing lots of difficulties in English subject. Can you give me private English lessons?’ Kriti said


Her heart got frozen and every heartbeat was making a crack as the sound of hammer makes a crack on the ice.

‘Sure Kriti. Why not. I would love to,’ said professor ‘You do one thing message me today and I will tell you the timings of tuitions,’

Kriti could not believe that. Her soul came out of her body and began to sing and dance around Professor Fawad while she was standing still and could not thank him enough for his kindness and favour.

‘Hi kriti,’ Aditya came running from behind ‘You looked lost in English class. Are you fine?’

‘Yes, my darling I am great,’ she held his shoulders from both her hands and swirled around with him. He felt surprised yet happy as seeds of love were already sown in the garden of his heart.

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