Voyage Through The Clouds

Voyage Through The Clouds

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Sitting here bored to death. I go on a thoughtathon. Yes I made that word.

I don't think I have thought so much for a quiet some time. What am I really thinking?

What do I want? Where am I going? 30k feet above the ground. With a view that can kill. Clouds yes soft as cotton fluffy as candy floss glittering and making you go all the more deep in your thoughts.

So high up in the sky makes everything on the ground look like nothing. Zilch. Everything down there is insignificant. The world the rush the race the happiness the sadness the insecurities the achievements. And it feels good.

The weightlessness when the aircraft rises making your tummy go numb making us feel that there is something scary up there. But once we and the craft stabilise on the way up we realise it is worth the eyegasm and the feelgasm we experience sitting with the window sheets up. As the ground goes farther so does our fears our big arrogant problems our bigger inner in competencies.

The clouds are delusionary. They are there you feel like you could touch them. Bite them. Walk on them. But trust me you cannot. They will entice you with all the glitters and poise. But if we try any of that we will fall only fall.

Would it be better if we just keep on flying? It does sound good and easy. But unreal. What goes around comes back around. What goes up should go back down. And vice versa. When we fall down we need to get up too. Somehow someway. A rise is mandatory after every fall.

A win is destined with every failure.

Coffee on cloud top is meditative. It never tasted this creamier down on earth. Down there all it tastes of is stress, unending holding on to meet expectations, unsuccessful attempts at winning life.

As my craft touches the ground back again does it scare me? I would say no. Somehow the little tyres roughly landing back on ground excites me. I land with a different outlook.

I flew so high to realise life is not just our petty issues. Life is not just the negativity we see and experience from so close every now and then. Down here life is just a hardcore never ending turbulent sky. We just need to find our cloud with the silver lining.

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