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To sit on third row in right corner bench. I was only planning to save myself to my class

teacher. who would teach us pol. Science. Sir was about to come in class in 5th period and it

was 4th period.I had only recess, to execute my plan. After 4th period in recess. All student

would go to the playground to have their launch,I too. But that day I stayed in the class alone. I

opened my class monitor Robin's bag, tugged his black covered notebook. At the last page of

the notebook all roll numbers were written there. He circled on certain numbers who had made

check their notebooks. I made a circle on my roll number 42. then kept the notebook back in his

bag,went into the playground to play and had launch.I frightened but didn't Shaw my fear.

My class teacher Istgyan sir came into the classroom in fifth period. We stood in his honour

first, he sat then us. His first sentence was "please,make me check your notebook. Whose

notebook is remain to check. And please come out who has yet not completed his work." Seven

boys came outside, my heart began to beat But I stayed on my seat. Sir ordered Robin to check

roll numbers so that he could know that who had not done their work. Robin nodded and

checked circles in his black covered notebook.Only seven out of 52 boys were there who hadn't

made their notebook check. While he was seeking roll numbers,I was constantly trying to

examine his gesture from my seat, Dreadfully anxious. Robin examined my roll number twice,it

could have been understood by his gesture, then I remembered that I circled on my roll number

by red pen but he used black for others. Don't know why but he neglected the colour of pen's


That day, I could save myself from a big problem. I used slight mind ability. I would never like to

do school works, always tried to escaped myself by study; even I was good in sports

nonetheless couldn't perceived as a sportsman by teachers cause looks and activities. It was

not a big incident but it changed my life after.

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