Freedom Of Mind

Freedom Of Mind

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Lost somewhere? Startled, are you?? Sorry to disturb you off that slumber you were pulling off with your eyes wide open. I get that ploy of mind, Trying escaping the physical reality and taking a stroll elsewhere, like you are sitting here but are not here mentally rather wandering where you feel that tranquility, I get you. Infact, I myself do that quiet often. The conversations you are having in your mind are loud enough, aren't they? What you dream of is most certainly quiet pleasant than what you experience out here in reality. Are you sighing reading the previous line? Don't. These thoughts, where do they come from, ever think of that? You don't do it consciously most of the time, it is on auto pilot. It has creeped on inside of you, made you immobile and you don't even realize it. All the chips are stacked against you, you against the whole world and this rebellion scenario is on repeat day in and day out. You extract the energy, the strength to the the last drop and every inch of your bone and then you loose it, you feel strangled to the dementors of your life criss-crossing your path, tracing your every step you take or plan out.

Garnered all of the strength and yet stranded? When I tell you that it is all in the mind, I mean it. Not because I am some motivational blogger or I am breaking to hit a high with my write-up. It is because I live there and striving my way out, just like you and blissfully making room for that freedom, even an inch if it is. Those voices comes from within and it is aloud only when the noises in your head peace out. It is literally the mind which always has been all there is. Be calm, you are home to a soul, a soul which you got to nurture with all the affinity there is. When I tell you that even in the mud and scum of things, something sings, you got to shift your energy to all the goodness you can think of, because it is all that you deserve. We all are fighting some battle and when your mind aligns to your actions, it is then you get that peace.and the triumph is nothing but the immense love and limitless potential which has never been looked up to. It might sound some crap at this moment though, look at what you have done not believing in yourself all this while, this self-sabotage has brought you only storms which never comes to a halt.

You need to believe in it, you always needed it all this while and it has been within you. Get out and get going. Don't be harsh on yourself however. It's not sunshine always but still worth the fight, just your mind it is. Tame it for the better good. I promise you won't regret it ever.

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