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The Music Of The Heart
The Music Of The Heart

© Monica Ravie


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The ever-present smell of disinfectant greeted the wary in-mates. Nurses could be seen running here and there, making sure that the reports were ready. They were extra cautious as the day's duty doctor was particularly grouchy.

Dr. Shah, the duty doctor, was getting ready for his final rounds for the day. He reached for his Stethoscope which was usually strung around his neck, but found them missing. He remembered placing them on his table, but couldn't find them there either. His eyes made a quick sweep through the room and found a little girl standing beside an empty bed, fiddling with his Stethoscope. Here he was, looking forward to finish his shift early, so that he could go home and watch TV in peace. But this little girl was making him late! He furiously strode towards the girl and was about to pull them from her grasp, when she turned around.

"I can't hear any music", she said, her eyebrows screwed up in concentration, both hands plugging the ear piece of the Stethoscope tightly into her ears, and the chest piece dangling down her stomach.

"What are you saying?", he asked, rather annoyed.

"I want to hear the music of the heart", she replied, excitement lighting up her eyes.

"Grandpa said that there is a music playing in everybody's heart and I wanted to know what music my heart plays", she continued and looked up to Dr. Shah, waiting for an answer.

Slightly intrigued by what he was hearing, he asked, "What else did your grandfather say?"

Having finally got some attention, she started, "Well, Grandpa says that the heart plays music depending on how we feel - If we feel happy or content, it plays a melodic tune; if we feel sad or depressed, it plays a tragic tune; if we feel angry or bitter, it plays an offbeat tune; and if the heart doesn't play melodic tunes frequently, then it will never ever play music again."

He was stunned by how easily the girl's Grandfather had explained life to her. Shaking his head, he fixed the Stethoscope in her ears properly, put the Chest piece over her heart and smiled, "Can you now hear the music of your heart?"

The little girl smiled and nodded, her eyes widening in wonder. She thanked Dr. Shah, gave him back his Stethoscope and ran out of the room calling excitedly for her grandfather.

He left the room and walked towards the next patient with a smile, his Stethoscope back to their usual place, around his neck. As the patient looked up at him with evident hope, he could hear the melodic tune start playing in his heart, without the help of his Stethoscope.

Inside the heart of Hope, hides a lively tune. Let's discover this tune and compose our own beautiful Song, before our hearts stop playing tunes altogether. Dr. Shah finally understood the deep meaning behind the Grandfather's words. Have you?

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