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Gitanjali Jewels

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I was doing time pass in the balcony of 3rd floor of the building. It was evening time so few girls were enjoying on their roofs, children were playing on roadside and people were going and coming from the vegetable market.

A few minutes latter, I winkled out my mobile from pocket and opened Facebook. I saw a notification and a message. Notification was - Gitanjali Thakur accepted your friend request and the message was- 'Hiii' from the same girl. I checked her profile- no photo of her was uploaded. It was a female model with guitar in her profile pic. She was also online and began to chat. We both gave a short introduction to each other and tried to know more. After almost 10 minutes, she proposed me-

"I love you"

I was shocked. It was first time in my life that any girl proposed me directly. I was still not believing that a girl can say I love you to me just after few minutes of talk. I looked here and there for few seconds. I replied smiling and thinking that she is one of my classmates-

"I love you too."

I was smiling and remembering a beautiful face of the girl who was once seated with me in the class.

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