Disputed waters (Persia)

Disputed waters (Persia)

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A man sold a well to a farmer, but when the farmer went to draw water from it, stopped him and told him that he only sold him the well but not the water. So if he wanted to use the water then he would have to pay him separately.

The farmer of course refused to pay extra for the water. The fought for a long time over it but did not reach to any conclusion. So the case was taken to a Qazi. After hearing both sides the Qazi said to the man who had sold the well that since he had sold only the well, he had no right to keep his water in it. He asked the man to pay the rent to the poor farmer for using his well or take his water out at once.

The man realized that he had been outwitted, and bowing to the Qazi quietly left the court.

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