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A Man Who Influenced Me
A Man Who Influenced Me

© Rajani Avunoori


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It was a chilly morning. I felt sluggish and I slept till 8:00 am. When I woke up, I heard havoc and chaos. I noticed a throng in front of my friend's apartment. I didn't know what was happening. I went to my mom and asked, 'mom what happened over there?'

Tears ran down her cheeks. She replied, 'I am unable to speak with you.' I flee out to the apartment and watched. There was my best friend Shravani and her mother weeping. I gulped and thought, 'Oh what the heck? what's going on?' I moved through the crowd and saw a body covered in white sheets. Oh no! That was Shravani's dad, a brave soldier lying lifeless over there. I was very fond of him; he treated me like his own daughter. Now he's no more! I went to Shravani and consoled her. Deep sorrow plunged my heart. A feeling of isolation... Immeasurable tears filled my eyes. His memories were a marvel. I was sniveling inconsolably. I and Shravani used to wander along with him, watch movies. His memories touched my heart. He even helped a child in need to continue his studies. He was a generous person. My country lost a good fighter, good leader and a best protector. I feel like losing a supporting pillar of the country. Words struck in my throat. I simply moved away from the crowd and went home.

I wailed to myself and slept for a few hours dreaming about a great.. great.. lost soldier. I set my goal to be a soldier with the inspiration from a colossal and patriotic soldier. He has influenced my thoughts and I was sure to become a soldier when I grow up. Anyway.. R.I.P. dear bunyanesque and chauvinistic soldier. May you walk in the garden of love and peace.

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