Eternal Happiness

Eternal Happiness

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Every human being craves for happiness in life but we haven't really understood it's genuine meaning it's something you need to build inside of you by listening to your heart and following your intuition , we cannot create it around us with the help of materialistic things. Such is a story of Rakesh who was the senior engineer in one of the leading solar companies in India, one day after giving presentation to his colleagues, he came back to his office and he felt exhausted, it was 10 AM in the morning and there was no reason for him to feel tired , he heard a voice screaming at him -- “ THIS IS NOT WHO YOU ARE!!” For years he had buried that voice deep inside of him but somehow recently he couldn't help but listen to it. “ No , I CANNOT RISK IT ALL, I'VE WORKED TOO HARD TO GET HERE, WHAT IF IT DOESN'T WORK OUT??” He thought, not long ago he had read a book - U turn by Bruce Grierson which made him think about how he was living an ersatz life with no meaning. He had everything a man wished for a beautiful family with a daughter whose glittering smile made him forget all the hardships and worries he faced, a job which paid him well enough but there was always a restlessness, anxiety which was difficult for him to understand.

Later he decided to speak to his wife about it. She said “It's simple, just take some time off and do what really makes you happy” and Rakesh thanked his stars for the one person he had in his life who knew what he needs and like most of us he had forgotten that we need to connect with our inner self and nurture it with utmost care to live life with peace with ourselves. Rakesh used to be the guy who had grown up dreaming about becoming a writer, he had countless memories about how it felt while pouring his heart out on a piece of paper. For him it was never about writing something people would love to read instead he wanted to write something which will strike a cord deep inside the heart of people.during college days he even helped out his friends to write and express their feelings through letters, such was the gift he had that the words spoke to him in ways that nobody could understand they assembled in the most perfect ways to express exactly what he wanted to convey. Though it had been a while since he had written something he started a blog about the places across the world that he had traveled and most importantly about how he felt, nature has everything that a man needs to learn and one only needs to be aware of it.

For him it was the most important day of his life because somewhere he knew that his life was about to change . I think we need to know that it is far more important to have the courage to follow our dreams and to live a happy life and I am not talking about where you appear happy to the society or your parents instead I want you to ask yourself “ Are you happy?” If the answer is no , you are lucky because you have a journey ahead of you which can only fill your soul with a sense of belonging in this universe.its something which might seem quixotic but in a world full of mendacious achievements it's a beautiful path to self discovery.

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