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Her Dream
Her Dream

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After 10th result got declared, a girl said to her family. 

“Dad, I want to make my career in Medical line. I will choose science stream.” said with little hesitation.

“Science stream?? Do you know how much money it takes to become a doctor??“

”But dad, Medical line isn’t only to become a doctor. There are other lines too, like…”

“Shut up… I don’t want to hear a thing about it. We can’t afford that much money to get your admission. You are joining Arts or commerce line, you hear me? That’s the final decision.” He said in high pitched voice, strictly.

“Mom? Please… say something to dad no!” she pleaded in weepy voice.

Mom shrugged, “but what’s wrong in Arts and commerce beta?”

“But, that’s not what I intend to do… please mom, don’t take dad’s side.” said in pitiful face.

“It’s your dad’s decision, what can I say in it…?” after saying, she went in kitchen.

That night in her room, she cried her heart out. In her bright eyes tears welled up with dreams and streamed down on pillow.

After five years.

Her wedding preparation was in few weeks.

“So, what’s total figure says? Counting with gold and dowry…” mom asked to him.

“I think approximately it would be around 45-47 lacs… with loan” dad answered.

“Perfect! We can manage that amount of money…” mom said with light smile.

That girl was sitting on sofa. Happiness and excitement both were absent on her face. She muttered, crushing her teeth: I could’ve easily finished my medical study if you would have invested that much money in my career. You were seeing my future only in marriage, not further than that.

She vacuumed her tears inside and quickly went out to let them flow.

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