Purpose Of Life

Purpose Of Life

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Last Friday I left bit late from office due to heavy rain. I struggled with some thoughts in my mind and I was continuous in the thinking stage. As part of my daily routine, I took a rapid metro and after 5 minutes, I realized that the person just standing next to me was blind and standing calm & composed with his stick. Immediately my mind diverted towards him. When we reached at Sikanderpur metro station for changing the metro, I got down along with other co passengers. Same time driver tried to call a helper for the blind man. Then I asked the driver, not to worry, I’d take him along with me.


During 2 minutes of walking towards yellow line, just out of curiosity, I had started conversation with him. My first question was, "Where you are going and what you are doing here?" He replied, I am living in Mayur Vihar and am doing my job here in sector 56, Gurgaon (almost opposite and distance is too far). I was surprised because the distance is almost one and a half hour from metro. Then, I have asked for his occupation. He said, I am a music teacher and I am playing drums and piano. I was so surprised. He was teaching some student at the institute in Gurgaon (I forgot the name) and he had his own institute as well. After this interesting conversation, I dropped him to metro and informed the driver to help him at Rajiv Chawk metro station for next metro line for Mayur Vihar.


After this incident, firstly I forgot about the worries I had in my head. I must tell you that I have learned two things –


Firstly, He had shown trust on me, held my hands and walked towards the metro line. So, whenever you are in need or in your hard time, if someone is trying to help you or support you. Please be respectful and thankful for it.


And, the best part is, he has not given up or even not made this disability an excuse. He is living his life for the passion towards music and fulfilling the purpose of life.


We all should be thankful for what we have and if we really want something. Just go and get it. Happiness lies in earning something that you wish for.


Believe in hard work and in your own values.

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