Rahi -The Traveller

Rahi -The Traveller

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The name indeed defines a person's quality... What's there in a name... I object to this, Shakespeare. The things are like how they are presented and she was like the name said. Traveller... The traveller of my broken pavement. Not my girlfriend but still my heartmate. Her long limbs with those creepy fingers like witch but you know what she was still beautiful than a beach. Her curly short hair landing on her shoulders can always make you say you might have been through boulders... Always hiding the gravity of her eye by those wide gaint spec.. I still think why she thought she was insane. My only question to her is why you pretend that you are strong even when the things are more than wrong... I vow you to be an extrovert atleast for me seek the world..

Crawling to the graveyard I wish her to be with me ever ever and forever.. Her that arrogant rude behaviour.. Those harsh unsympathetic words always pierced me... She cried i know for the dumbest of things n all i could do was give her wings .. The strongest wrestler a Punjabi can have... The sweetest dessert a Bengali can make... living in her own candid world.. she didn't realise why my eyes where now going to have a flood .. I hope the best of the journey with her.. that's why i say RAHI the name which alwyas outbreaks my fear....

The traveller of my insane melodrama ...The traveller of my madness... N the traveller of my wag soul.... RAHI -THE TRAVELLER.. as a whole....

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