Life Of A Doormat

Life Of A Doormat

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Oh no, Not again’ doormat says to itself alarmed by the loud thump coming towards it.

‘Please wash me off with all the stains and dirt of yours, you have smeared me with.’

We all have obviously come across a doormat and used for getting rid of all the dust we have carried along the way on our feet and shoes.The sole motive being cleaning ourselves up ,without having a second thought of it. And why we would have a second thought for a mere doormat whose life is meant for this, It has to accept all the stains without any say keeping inside all the pain. What if, we go through the life of a doormat. Being used as a doormat is very common for people who don’t know their self worth and are oblivious of immense power they have hid inside under the layers of vulnerability.

Yes,it really does. Being treated like a doormat can be heart wrenching experience. It all depends on you, how you are being treated by someone. Sometimes people just trample upon you without even empathizing with you and ignore the fact one wants respect not filth. The more you give in, the more vulnerable you will be. Washing you off of your self esteem. It is in your hand to brace yourself up and carry yourself with all the grace and elegance you hold within.

Love yourself in every possible way, contemplate your achievements, introspect your weakness not to feel sorry for yourself but to emerge a stronger version of self. Realizing one’s value in the people around you and prioritizing your heart and soul’ well being will not only make you healthy within but will also make people invest their time and energy in you.

Living a life of a doormat could rip you apart off your social identity. So why to live a life as such when you are beautiful in your own way and worth much more than you think yourself to be.

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