The Eternal Love

The Eternal Love

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“22 year old girl missing since 5 days” was the headline of today’s local paper. This was the fourth such news in a row since the last week but I couldn’t figure out what was so different about this news.

Lost in my pool of imaginations, I was wandering along the lonely streets of an empty park. The dusk had fallen and the street lamps were on. Breaking my chain of thoughts, I noticed the silhouette of a girl in a nook of the park. It was unusual. The park which once used to bustle with love birds had turned desolate years ago.

I went up to see whether it was really someone or just an illusion of my eyes. To my utter astonishment, it was a girl. Her head was covered with a brown scarf and her body was shaking. By all means, I could sense that she was crying.

I tried to comfort her and asked her about her whereabouts. She lifted her head. Her angelic eyes were filled with drops of tears. Draped in a white salwar and red dupatta, she was the most beautiful girl I had seen. Her face was so gracious and lively, anyone would fall for her. How could I resist?!!!

We chatted for almost an hour when she happened to reveal me about her love, her boyfriend who had fought with her few days back and they hadn’t talked since. My heart sank, it silently cried. The joy transformed into mild pains.

“I need your help” she said. I felt a sudden surge but was too carried away to forbear her.

According to her wish, I went and met her boyfriend only to ask him to come to the park where she wanted to patch up with him. Unexpectedly, he gave a perplexed look and sped away.

Two days had passed and I hadn’t seen her yet. Her face was still in my mind. Wandering alone in the park, I saw her again. Sitting beneath a tree, tiny drops of pearl were trickling down her face and I realized things hadn’t turned out good yet. Her desire to meet him once, forced me to go to him and help reconcile their relationship.

He was aghast to see me once again. Tension surrounded him as was evident from the drops of water on his forehead. I grabbed him by the collar and asked him the reason for his stubbornness. Not being able to hold his breath more, he confessed that they often had fights of her doubting him of cheating on her. And the fact that I had met her couldn’t be true for he himself had got her killed.

My blood froze, the earth beneath me seemed to have moved. I could not accept this.

That night I met her. I told her how he rejected her plea to meet her even once. She was very hurt and started weeping again. We were walking along an empty street when we came near a streetlamp. My shadow fell behind, hers’ did not.

Yes, that heartless beast had got her killed and this innocent beauty wasn’t even aware of this. How could Gods be so cruel?. The only desire that had kept her alive was the one that had caused her premature death.

My eyes filled with tears as I told her the entire truth. My love for her grew even more even as I remembered the face of that girl in the newspaper. Yes it was her, Simar, who had been missing from her home.

“I love you, Simar” I knelt down crying. She turned around.

“The only desire that had kept this incorporeal soul alive has died, I cannot stay here anymore. Hope we meet in our next life“ she said while a whirl of heavenly air surrounded her. Moments of us spent together flashed before me as I realized that she was gone.

Walking alone is difficult, but when we have walked a mile with someone, then coming back alone is difficult.

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