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Who Was She???
Who Was She???

© Kshitij Bagwe


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She was quiet happy that day, after all it was New Year’s Eve. She had spent her whole day in recalling the memories and thoughts from the past year. It was not a great year at all, she had experienced a lot of ups and downs this year and that’s why she was so enthused, to start a new year with fresh mind and new resolutions. For now she just wanted to enjoy few last hours of 2016. Like everyone else she had plans for New Year’s celebration and she wanted that celebration to be memorable. In recent years, she had some unpleasant experiences throughout the world. But in India, she always felt safe and secure as she was born and brought up here. After thinking for a long time, she decided to go out with her fellow companions and welcome New Year with enthusiasm. She didn’t know that night in Bengaluru was going to be a nightmare for her.

As decided she went to brigade road with her friends and was really enjoying the atmosphere over there. But as countdown for 2017 started, her fate also started changing. Along with the enthused people, some sociopaths were also there in the mob to spoil the fun. While she was enjoying out there, having fun with her mates, she was noticed by these sociopaths. Their ‘Alchoholised’ minds and lustful eyes spotted her. They slowly started making a move towards her and she was all unaware of the fact. But slowly she started realizing their intensions as their foul actions got increased. She was completely surrounded by lust and psychopath mentality. Then they slowly started molesting her. She tried hard to escape from those people, she cried for help but there was no one to hear her cries. As their plan was working right, their morale increased and they started torturing her. Only when she was severely bruised, some of her companions came to help her. They tried to protect her from these psychopaths.

It was not the first time that she was facing such a threat to her life. It had repeatedly happened with her in Cairo and in Cologne, Germany. But this time it was happened in India, a county which she always thought as her home. This New Year’s Eve had turned into a nightmare for her. Their bullying continued to dominate her…She fought hard but in the end , she lost the battle…the battle of life…She was brutally murdered by the psychopaths  of Indian society…She was murdered by the people whom she thought as her protector once...She became a victim of lust and covet…Who was she?... She was Humanity…Humanity who was tortured and brutally killed on the streets of Bengaluru by some psychopaths on December 31, 2016….

(This story is based on the recent incident of mass molestation happened in Bengaluru on December 31, 2016)


India mass molestation make a difference

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