Beautiful Promise

Beautiful Promise

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He came to me on a Valentine's day

fiddling with a red rose in his hand.

He looked here and there for a while.

Just like a fiddle footed pony, which brought a soft smile on my face.

I could see how nervous he was, a sheen of sweat was visible on his upper lip. When I raised my brow at him in a questioning manner, he squared his shoulder like a soldier standing on a border. Took the last step to reach near me, cleared his throat and at last asked me out for a date night.

I stood there quietly, as if in a thought, making him sweat a bit more and quietly said a "Yes" . Accepting the rose from his hand, I kissed his cheek with smile and whispered to him "Do you always take this much of time to ask a girl out or am I the special one."

It made him blush a bit and he left out a soft chuckle, shaking his head at my cheeky comment.

"Don't worry from now on you won't have to wait for anything." He promised, and to this date he've kept his beautiful promise to me.

I didn't know that a Valentine's day, ten years ago would change my life to such a beautiful extent.

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