Varun Anand

Drama Romance


Varun Anand

Drama Romance



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Waiting to open school gate in the morning, I saw two girls outside my school with a

peach colour pomeranian dog. My eyes entangled on the girl who held dog's belt. She worn a

orange T- shirt with red colour pajama,which attire was supporting her fair face to be the most

beautiful girl in the world. She gave me just a glance and I could be successful to have a tiny

eye contact with her. When her curly wisp was hazing her eye but she often twisted her head to

keep the wisp back. Her sister was also with her who might have perceived my gesture.

In school, I went into playground to find a boy who was called Chhola( because he had to

work on his father's chhola-bhatura shop). Chhola was very popular in school to get all

information of any girl, who lived nearby the school. He was a real booster. I could consider

after 10 min. conversation with him. I also had to appreciate and pleased his loony talent. It was

my good luck that he gave me all information about Kanika the very next day. I was Perplexedly

listening about Kanika and her sister who was with her.. They both were in a girls school which

was in next street of my school. Her school offs at 2:30pm and my school at 2:15 so I had 15

minutes to be there to see her. For time being I had no girlfriend so my bosom friend made me

trained to entice a girl. He gave me many tips like :- when I would see her so pass her smile,do

not see any other girl front of her even he new,I also never see any girl like her, I should go

there well dressed and keep my tata phone in my hand always.Hence he ended up his tips

class with a warning that if I had been caught by any uncle or policeman during doing that

lurking activities so they would brutally beat me. He could make me better understand because

he was experienced and a master.

Next day at exact 2:25 I had reached there outside of her school she gave me glance

second time, this time with a smile.I felt like,I had won the word so I used all tips what wassuggest by my friend.

Everyday,I would go outside of her school and make a new tattoo on my hand in various

design but never forget to write her name on it so that I can show her my feelings through that

tattoo. After some days I felt that she was trying to avoid me.

I had been going there for 40 days then I thought,should have given up front of her

ignorance. It was the last day when I went there then saw her sister was coming towards me.

My heart beat begun to get high automatically, most perplexity thing was she called me by my

name "Yash, I want to talk with you."

"With me!" with a huge smile I replied.

"Yes, actually Kanika is about to leave this school 'cause of your appearance. She is afraid of

your determination so I want to request you that please don't come here again. She doesn't like

you and cannot be your girlfriend because she doesn't want to come any relationship." Kanika's

sister said rapidly.

I nodded, long faced, promised her not to come again there.

Around three months later I went on a wedding party of the daughter of my father's friend.

I did not want to go there because even a single friend of mine was not going with me but my

father compelled me to come with him. In food section,I was waiting to take pav-bhaji. My eyes

went into gol- gappa stall. Kanika was there and having gol-gappa consistently. Firstly I thought

that I should leave the party at the same time then realized, it may have been dangerous

because my father. He could have scolded me for leaving party, I left food section and sat front

of groom bride chairs. Surprisingly kanika came with her sister and sat beside me silently. After

10 or 12 minutes,she questioned me that why I had left to come outside of her school.

"Excuse me, are u talking with me?" I exclaimed.

"Yes, actually I came here to tell you that don't come again." She said.

"Yup.. Why not my princess, actually I didn't know that the school and the road were made by

your father, and one more thing I would like your sister not you so please move so that I can get

some fresh air." I said.

She was stunned to see my unpleasant behavior but my negative point was my eyes did not

support my voice. So she perceived that I liked her but the reason behind of rude demeanor

was my promise what was given by me to her sister.

She said only one line before going that it was a different yesh Gupta whom appearance

annoyed her after school everyday. This is different personality whom she met that day in

wedding party.

Next day,I got a letter by chhola who was given that letter by his girlfriend who studied in same

class of kanika. Clearly written there in letter "I want to be your friend and only friend don't think

beyond it. Actually I liked to meet real Yash Gupta who talked with me in party naturally. I know

you also would like me to your friend. I can't say anything before your reply. whether we friends

or not?. See yeah future friend.

Thank you for giving your attention as long. .I had been thinking about you all day long after

last meeting,,,,,,ohh soryyy first.

Kanika Banswal.

I replied her at the same day and accepted her FRIENDSHIP, only FRIENDSHIP.

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