A page from her diary

A page from her diary

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That Sunday morning

I woke up today as the clock hit 7. A night of peaceful sleep had given way to a beautiful morning. I couldn’t wish for a livelier morning. As the world welcomed me, I rolled over and looked at his face.

He was still asleep, clutching his pillow as if it would protect him from the dark forces of universe. His face had a naughty little smile, perhaps dreaming about a fun vacation in Goa with his friends. Leaving his dreams undisturbed, I moved out of the room. With a smile on my face, I went to check the two little gifts from him who are sleeping in the next room.

They were still sleeping in their cute little beds- my four year old son and a two year old daughter. I still remember those college days when we both dreamed of these days. As I stood immersed in my memories, those little eyes opened up and their soft hands embraced me. I picked him up, careful not to wake his little sister and went to the kitchen.

Sitting on the table, he tells me about the dream that he had about superheros and toys and his fairy land of chocolate trees. With an eager heart, i listen to his words in awe. He told me how he single-handedly saved me from the dragons who had attacked the city and killed everyone. Thanking him for his bravery, I brushed his teeth as he told me how superman flies and fights all the bad aliens and saves us all.

We then went and woke his dad up. He never disappoints his little ones, and plays with them as soon as they wake up. And then their everyday war commences, although with the same outcome all the time- the young prince saves the world from the huge villain, who happens to be his creator.

Then the villain carries the young prince on his shoulders to the other room where they wake the little sister up.

He had promised me that he’ll not just love me, but create a paradise for the both of us. He had given me his word that he will always be with me at all times. Little did I know that a young 19 year old guy’s dreams would turn into the life of us both. Thank you Lord for everything⁠⁠⁠⁠

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