My Mom’s Hand's Magic

My Mom’s Hand's Magic

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Thaiyal Nayaki came running to the meeting room carrying her DSLR, MacBook and Samsung Note 8 smartphone.

Sorry, sorry I am late once again, she said making herself comfortable on the rolling chair. 

Thiya, why can't you be on time? Arun, her manager conversed checking his watch. 

Call me Thaiyal, she snorted out.

So as we discussed yesterday, shout out your ideas for December month campaigns.

Thaiyil raised her hand and thats when Monika, her creative head signalled her to wait.

Thaiyil who joined this company as a photographer two years ago is CEO's all time favourite and that’s the foremost reason all her colleagues hate her. Contrary to her name, she always dresses up in modern attires and her curly free hair turns all the heads up allowing everyone to pass judgments! Aware of all these things, she remains herself and stays friendly to everyone working there.

Monika is the only person in her office who knows her inside out and protects her from all the negative energies she attracts in her day-to-day office life next to Arun, who was her best friend since they joined together but not anymore.

When it was her turn, Thayil showed her MacBook with monochrome rangolis. Every print media will be focusing on the musical sabha, Christmas decoration and New Year parties. Let us concentrate on the monochrome rangoli and its benefits, she explained. Drawing a rangoli is one kind of meditation, each dots connects with the another giving us a new meaning and also its one kind of physical fitness, lets target on these lines she said enthusiastically.

Monika agreed but Arun and her team showed faces. In this modern era, none will give a damn on monochrome rangoli, that too colours gives life, without colours rangoli is nothing, he exaggerated.

That's what I am saying, lets give the life to it. Let the New Year begin with fitness. She saw the positive in everything whereas he on the other hand pointed all the negatives her idea has got.

It’s my final decision team, he declared and the meeting got suspended. Never be late again he warned her before moving out. 

She nodded her head like a robot and watching this, her colleague's looked at her with pity.


Monika patted her back and moved out.

She carried her things and came out to her orange coloured tiny cubicle with green plants, sticky notes and photos placed everywhere. 

She went into the cafeteria to sip her hot coffee and the housekeepers welcomed her with a wide smile.

She chit chatted for a while and came back to her cubicle refreshed.

She opened her email and three emails were there. The first one asking her to send the minutes of meeting, two a resume of an intern and three a global level competition asking to submit mind-blowing photos with creative write-ups.

She typed the minutes of meeting in a jiff and forwarded it to Arun, tagging everyone who attended the meeting, interviewed the candidate over the phone and started working on the photo shoot scheduled for that day. 

Though she concentrated fully, the morning meeting scenes disturbed her every now and then. 

Why does he behave with me like this? Just because I am CEO's favourite. I am doing my role, where did favouritism come up here, she thought. 

When she reached home it was around 9 pm and once she sat on her cushioned bed, her body fell in love with it. 

The devotional songs played in the vintage type radio and the fragrance coming up from the intense sticks awoke her from deep sleep. She brushed her teeth hurriedly and grabbed her DSLR to capture her mom’s new rangoli design. 

How is this ma, she showed her the printout?

It's beautiful dear, her mom replied adding two teaspoons of salt on the boiling sambar.

It smells delicious mum, thayil said.

Go bathe and come, her mom pushed her aside.

Okay, okay, she replied giving her a flying kiss.

While taking a shower, she made a mental note to submit her mother’s rangoli idea in the advertisement she glanced yesterday.

Bye ma,I am leaving now, she said and drived to the office.

She was earlier than everyone else.

The sun rays passed through the window alerting the golden fishes to swirl actively. She opened her email, double clicked the advertisement and submitted all the details one by one. She linked her mom’s Facebook page and wrote an introductory passage:

The very first thing that comes to our mind when we hear the word rangoli is its bold and beautiful designs spread elegantly on the entrances of one’s home acting as a symbol of hospitality using rice flour or salt.

Five minutes, past eleven, her phone vibrates continuously.

Her mom's rangoli page had 8.5 k likes and 1 M follows!

She looked surprised and checked her email.

“Your profile has been shortlisted for the competition, it read”.

Thaiyil couldn’t control her excitement and Arun summoned her to go out.

She obeyed and came out running to share the good news with Monika!

Monika rejoiced and told her to come in.

I am super happy Monika, Thaiyil said with smiling.

I think you must go out of this company, Monika declared making her smile turn into frown.

Why, what did I do?

6 of your colleagues have filed a complaint against you saying that you aren’t behaving well and not meeting the expected results.

Her eyes changed red in colour. 

I think you must leave Thayil, these people envy you and are always right behind you to pull you down. Many times I see you being left out and your soul is fading away little by little, Monika added wiping her tears out.

Hmm, okay. I will put my papers, she said.

You can't do that. You must resign, as they have lodged a black mark against you.

But the office rules didn't say that I must leave the immediate day, she raised her voice hitting her hand against the table.

Monika agreed, five more days and I will leave, she said closing the door angrily.

Arun smiled when she passed him. Thayil was burning in flames and she got a call from her CEO.

Brave move, my lady, she said.

Thank you, Thaiyil replied.

That evening Thaiyil showed her mom the likes and comments and made her mom feel proud.

The next day, her manager announced about the campaign competition and Thaiyil smiled sarcastically whispering too slow.

What did you say, he pointed her out.

AC is too slow, Thayil replied back.

Our company is participating in it and hope our brand reaches globally, he announced.

Few minutes he remained silent and called Thayil to his cubicle immediately.

How dare you post your page in this competition? Whom did you get the permission from? he questioned her.

Thaiyil looked at her watch and stayed quiet.

Answer me Thiya.

Call me Thaiyil. I am not your slave, you got it.

I m not participating. It’s my mom who is participating and she need not get any permission from anyone. Are you clear? she said, raising her sharp eyebrows.

But you suggested the same idea for our company, didn’t you?

You told it’s not up to the mark, isn't it? 

He couldn’t talk back. Just because I am CEO’s favourite, you push me down and neglect all my ideas, right? You were the one who gave me a black mark, right? I know it Arun. Try to be on your own. You hurting me costs nothing to me. I thought you're a good friend of mine but once you got your promotion, you changed. And just because I was on leave, you got it. Hope you remember it. 

Saying all this she walked away.

The whole company knows how close they were but ever since he got promoted as her manager, due to few bad influences, he lost her friendship and now her respect. 

Four days later:

Everyone’s table had a small glass containing chocolates and gums wrapped inside transparent paper with a hand written letter tied to it.

Thaiyil has written a personal letter to everyone reminiscing few golden memories shared with them individually, followed by a personal message and a thank you note. All her colleagues who felt happy when she announced about her resignation felt bad and realised their mistake. 

Thaiyil was inside Monika’s room signing the final papers. When she came out, each one hugged her and planned for a team lunch. Everyone clicked selfies and spent each minute preciously. They didn’t allow her to stay alone and all her interns adored her like a goddesses.


Post six, she bid her final bye and signed one last time on the attendance register and promised everyone that she will practice being on time henceforth.

Three months later:

On her mom's birthday:

Her mom had won the first place worth 1lack price money! Her mom kissed Thaiyil and praised her for giving her the unforgettable best gift on her 50th birthday.

On the stage, her mom said: "I am proud of you Thaiyil" making her emotional. 

Her colleagues who were in the hall for winning the third price congratulated her mother warm-heartedly.  

Arun asked her to forgive him, to which she turned away, without answering anything in return.

Monika hugged her and whispered you did it.

Yes, I am 56 kgs now, she said. I gained weight at last. All credits goes to my mother, she said proudly.

That night, her CEO texted:

What is your next plan?

Ma wants to take cooking and rangoli classes to children and adults, so going to work for it, she replied.

You go girl!! All the best to you:)

Thanks Monika! You're my angel, she typed adding four smileys next to it.

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