Her Silencing Plea

Her Silencing Plea

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Life hands us so many things sometimes the choices we make seem so simple to others yet hard in so many other ways.

The girl on that pavement crying for lost love of her parents. The love that existed even before she was born little did she know that the love meant for her was nowhere to be found.

She holds onto the notion unknown to the realities of her future.

Always she wonders what would life had been if she would have been less messed up than the crazed up ever angry creators of her life.

Blaming herself for all the sadness surrounding her being all soaked up in the sea of tears she cried for years in each corners of the various stages of life she had been through school, college and work.

Failing to understand why was love so evasive to never had existed ever in her life since the beginning of her existence.

Always she wonders if only she was better at worldly things expected of her. Wondering if she could push herself more to be considerate of her near ones.

Never did she know that the more she tried to better herself the more she lost the focus of her own happy existence which lied beneath her.

Always being the one responsible thinking of being the stronger one the understanding one the silent calm one but underneath it all she lost her sense for happiness and peace.

Keeping others sorrows in focus to be caring for them she lost her own social existence.

Little did she know that being this silent would always be expected for speaking a word was held against her other as for being the brat that never cared.

Every time being the one to be crushed and pushed away of her wants she was left with the choice of no return.

The point that was of no choice but of being acceptable to the society because the normalcy of successful life was dependent on the so called fact of togetherness of a partner.

Where would had she known that having never been the soft one she had lost on the chances of ever being chosen a partner.

Unbeknownst of future she walked a path of loneliness to be never been found in societal normal behaviour.

Always being strong had bred her well for the loneliness as it had been more close to her since the beginning of her existence.

Never knowing of being loved had made her ambiguously strong to ever understand that she was ever meant for being weak too for someone to be her perfect half.

Ever since her youth she had been restricted of ever being the effervescent soul, lost in her self silencing plea she carried on with life unknown of the happy glee.

And now she walks straight on this path never knowing of how it is to be ever loved......

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