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Mishty.....A Magical Entry In Life
Mishty.....A Magical Entry In Life

© Sriti Chandran

Inspirational Romance

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The day was fine Sunny was travelling in train towards Kerala all alone with no interest. He was the person who hates Kerala the most in this world and for him this journey was just a forceful one. He was going there to bring his mother back to Indore. Long journey for 6 days, he was not going to stay in Kerala even for a single day. Only companion was his laptop in his whole journey.

   Sunny was going through his laptop in train on 23rd October 2015; he saw a mail from a website meet outside.com where he had registered long one year ago. Suddenly Sunny thought of opening the mail. It was mail saying that u received an interest from Mishty R.

   An unusual site how Sunny made his mind to open it was still a mystery.  To his sweet surprise he received an interest from Mishty so he casually replied “Hi!” to her in the site. After around 5 min he received Hi in return. Sunny was surprised and confused too as she didn’t had her profile photo, so he thought maybe it was fraud. Definitely she is a girl or is she a he? All was coming in mixed way.

Again she sent a mail about “What is your name?” Sunny said “It’s true as written in site and profile picture is also genuine. Sunny asked her in a doubt where is your profile picture can u now send me your picture


Magical love romance long distance relationship true story mystery

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